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Extremist Files

Extremists in the U.S. come in many different forms – white nationalists, anti-LGBTQ zealots, racist skinheads, neo-Confederates and more.

The Extremist Files database contains profiles of various prominent extremists and extremist organizations. It also examines the histories and core beliefs – or ideologies – of the most common types of extremist movements.

Not all extremist groups within these files are SPLC-designated "hate groups." All SPLC-designated hate groups can be viewed on the Hate Map, by state or by ideology

Extremist Groups

Featured Group:

In its own words “If these people make it to here, it’s going to be a war in our own country and it’s coming. We’re going to have a war on the border.” – Larry Hopkins (Johnny Horton Jr.), “United Constitutional Patriots Radio Live Stream,” YouTube, April 1, 2019 “These people (migrants) obviously are being paid to come here and crash the system. Why? Because that’s the only way the deep state can still win.” – Chuck Davis, UCP member, “United Constitutional Patriots Radio Live Stream,” YouTube, March 29, 2019 “They don’t care about the American people. They’re here because they want to kill...

Individual Profiles

Featured Extremist Profile:

James Mason

James Mason’s involvement with this country’s organized neo-Nazi movement dates back to the late 1960s. He joined George Lincoln Rockwell ’s American Nazi Party as a teenager, where he first met Dr. William Pierce , author of The Turner Diaries . Years after Rockwell was assassinated by one of his supporters, Mason grew dismayed by efforts within neo-Nazism to build large political parties and organizations, and he began to advocate for an underground, terroristic approach to catalyzing white revolution. From 1980 to 1986 he published his newsletter SIEGE , where began to extrapolate his...