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General Hate

These groups peddle a combination of well-known hate and conspiracy theories, in addition to unique bigotries that are not easily categorized. Several of the groups seek to profit off their bigotry by selling a miscellany of hate materials from several different sectors of the white supremacist movement.

Top takeaways

Groups listed under the General Hate category defy simple categorization. They embrace a broad range of bigotries, including misogyny, antisemitism and anti-Black, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views.

The largest group listed in General Hate is the Proud Boys, a “Western chauvinist” men’s group that espouses rabidly anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant beliefs, demonizes trans people and clings to archaic and misogynistic notions of gender. Established in New York City in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, the Proud Boys were staunch supporters of Donald Trump throughout his presidency. The group has a long history of violence, and roughly 100 members believed to have participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Key moments

The Proud Boys’ legal troubles mounted throughout 2022. In June, Enrique Tarrio, who led the group when its members participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection, was indicted in federal court for seditious conspiracy alongside four other Proud Boys authorities say participated in the attack. In early October 2022, North Carolina Proud Boy leader Jeremy Bertino pleaded guilty to those charges. Others await trial.

While the fallout from the insurrection caused the Proud Boys to take a brief hiatus, the group remobilized in its aftermath. Their activism throughout 2022 largely consisted of unannounced protests, most of which targeted LGBTQ and reproductive justice events or facilities. They followed the campaigns led by the extreme, Trumpist wing of the GOP: as elected officials and media personalities targeted LGBTQ people through their propaganda and legislation, groups like the Proud Boys organized protests designed to intimidate LGBTQ people and their allies in their own communities. The Proud Boys counterprotested or harassed people at more than 30 separate LGBTQ events, a large number of which were drag queen story hours held at libraries or other community spaces. Many events were canceled in the interest of safety after being targeted by the Proud Boys.

What’s ahead

Though the Proud Boys continue to be subject to legal battles, the group will remain mobilized in 2023. As Republican politicians use more openly violent rhetoric, the Proud Boys’ brand of authoritarian politics is shifting further into the political mainstream. The threat the group poses is likely to elevate during the run up to the 2024 presidential election.


These groups espouse a variety of unique hateful doctrines and beliefs that are not easily categorized. This list includes a “Jewish” group that is rabidly anti-Arab, a “Christian” group that is anti-Catholic and a polygamous “Mormon” breakaway sect that is racist. Many of the groups are vendors that sell a miscellany of hate materials from several different sectors of the white supremacist movement.

map of general hate groups

2022 General Hate groups

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*Asterisk denotes headquarters.

Ambassadors of Christ
Chicago, Illinois
Brooklyn, New York*
American Free Press
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

American Freedom Alliance
Encino, California

American Reformation Front

Army of Israel

Bill Keller Ministries
Saint Petersburg,Florida

Black Riders Liberation Party
Los Angeles, California

Bomb Islam
Phoenix, Arizona

The Brother Nathanael Foundation
Priest River, Idaho

Chick Publications
Ontario, California

Christian Action Network
Forest, Virginia

Dixie Giftshop

European-American Evangelistic Crusades
Sheridan, California

Great Millstone
New York, New York

House of David
Brooklyn, New York

House of Israel
New York, New York

Insight USA
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Israel United In Christ
Mount Vernon, New York

Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge
New York, New York

Israelites Saints of Christ
Richmond, Virginia

Jewish Task Force
Fresh Meadows, New York

Lion of Judah - Jeshurun Lions
Chicago, Illinois

Luxor Couture
Atlanta, Georgia

Masharah Yasharahla - Government of Israel
Raleigh, North Carolina

Mountains of Israel
Houston, Texas

Nation of Kings and Priests
Orlando, Florida

New Black Panther Party
Houston, Texas

Official Street Preachers
Los Angeles, California

OneBody in Yahawashi
Dallas, Texas

Power of Prophecy
Spicewood, Texas

Protect Texas Kids
Dennison, Texas

Proud Boys
Bakersfield, California
Chico, California
Fresno, California
Los Angeles, California
Modesto, California
Placerville, California
Sacramento, California
San Francisco, California
Fort Myers, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Miami, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Pensacola, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Crystal Lake, Illinois
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Camdenton, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Las Vegas, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Albany, New York
New York, New York
Rockville Centre, New York
Charlotte, North Carolina
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina
Wilmington, North Carolina
North Dakota
Akron, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Eugene, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
State College, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island
Charleston, South Carolina
Greenville, South Carolina
South Dakota
Memphis, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Port Arthur, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Olympia, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
West Virginia

RAIR Foundation USA
Fishkill, New York

Rense Radio Network
Ashland, Oregon

Revolutionary Black Panther Party
Louisville, Kentucky

Sicarii 1715
San Diego, California

Sons of Liberty Media (formerly You Can Run But You Cannot Hide)
Annandale, Minnesota

The United Sabaeans Worldwide
Brooklyn, New York

Thomas More Law Center
Ann Arbor, Michigan

True Nation Israelite Congregation
Los Angeles, California

Vero Beach, Florida

War On The Horizon/Straight Black Pride Movement
Washington,District of Columbia

Watchmen for Israel
Baltimore, Maryland