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Johnny Monoxide AKA John Ramondetta

Rising to prominence in 2016, Johnny Monoxide has established his tough-talking, rabble-rousing persona from behind the mic on numerous Alt-Right podcasts. He’s developed a niche amongst conspiracy theorists and occult enthusiasts with neo-Nazi political and social views

About Johnny Monoxide AKA John Ramondetta

In his own words

“Well they’re suing Anglin, I don’t think they’re suing the website. I don’t think they can actually sue the website, I think they’re just suing him, which is retarded because he has no income so it’s like literally blood from a stone … It’s not to make money at all for the SPLC … It’s a Jew case in a Jew court with Jews on both sides. Its like my Jew is better than yours.” — “Subaru, The Official Vehicle of Dykes w/ Charlie Stuart & Johnny  Monoxide,” The Alt-Right Rises, No. 8, May 1, 2017.

“I’ve fought n------ quite a few times in my life and literally, it’s always a haymaker. They don’t have a jab. The only one who has a jab is Mayweather and because he gets paid for it. Like every other n----- is a f-----’ haymaker… if you can take a punch like most white people can, guarantee you’re good.” — “Black Album White Power,” The Daily Shoah, No. 167, June 30, 2017.

“Now come on, beating up the wrong negro… is that even a possibility? Beat up the wrong n-----…” — “Black Album White Power,” The Daily Shoah, No. 167, June 30, 2017 .

“It’s like this: If they wouldn’t just go to Planned Parenthood and have six abortions and also have five kids. If it was like one or the other, you know.” —  “Black Album White Power,” The Daily Shoah, No. 167, June 30, 2017.

“They show the picture of the one family or like the dead kid … and I’m an a------ for saying hey, there’s 700,000 males coming into Europe right now, trashing as they go through. They’re just destroying, like a swarm of locusts, anything in their path, all the way up to wherever it is they’re trying to get their government programs.” — “The Red Pill Process,” Red Ice Radio, June 15, 2016.

“The don’t have kids’ culture that we have going on over here. It’s not just that whole idiocracy where the dumb people are having kids and the smart people aren’t … it’s white people aren’t having kids. The dumb people just happen to not be white. And I don’t mean it without facts, because I can back up all those facts with IQ statistics.”  — “The Red Pill Process,” Red Ice Radio, June 15, 2016.


Prominent amongst the alt-right podcast syndicate, Johnny Monoxide has recently gained notoriety for his various broadcasting endeavors on the white supremacist blog, The Right Stuff (TRS). As the co-host of two current shows and a frequent contributor on several others, Monoxide has staked out his own neo-Nazi niche. Focusing on wholly unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, he seeks to bring a hint of comedy and a healthy dose of hate speech to his broadcasts.

Born John Ramondetta in June, 1972, Monoxide was raised in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut, area by a family of predominately Italian heritage. Such an upbringing, he claims, was crucial to his current anti-Semitic views. In a June, 2016 interview with Red Ice Radio, Monoxide says he’s always been “red-pilled on the Jews,” explaining that Italians, especially those from the Northeast, have a “natural racism” toward Jewish people. He went on to share an anecdote of being reprimanded by his father after helping a neighbor, with: “Never work for a f-----’ Jew because you’re not gonna get your money.”

Monoxide moved to Greenville, South Carolina, to attend Bob Jones Academy from 1994 to 1999. Despite the school’s mission of teaching a “biblical worldview” to “like-minded students,” Monoxide developed a minor criminal record while in Greenville. His charges ranged from providing beer to someone under 21 to two counts of trafficking cocaine and three counts of minor narcotics possession. Monoxide was arrested for two DUIs in California from 2012 to 2013, resulting in him being put on DUI probation.

After a stint in the Navy around the time of September 11, 2001, Monoxide moved to San Diego, California, in 2005. A year later he relocated to San Jose, but has since settled in the Berkeley area with his wife and 10-year-old son. He currently works as a union foreman electrician at IBEW Local 6 in San Francisco; a profession he has asserted provides him with enough job security to unabashedly commit to the Alt-Right.

Prior to his “red pill process,” Monoxide was very much on the liberal left of social issues and far from the Trump supporter he is today. After getting out of the Navy, he claimed to have been of the mindset that “dude, the government’s bad,” and stated that he “loved guns and [he] loved weed.” In 2011 he became involved with the Oakland contingent of Occupy Wall Street. The following year, he admitted, albeit reluctantly, to attending a Black Lives Matter protest in response to the killing of Trayvon Martin. He subsequently joined Facebook groups such as “Cop Block” and “Police the Police,” thus delving further into the social justice movement.

Throughout this period, Monoxide was a regular Red Ice Radio listener, which at the time, focused predominately on outlandish conspiracy theories. Such an interest may have contributed to his susceptibility to ideological obscurities. However, it wasn’t until racial tensions mounted in 2014 and Red Ice’s devolution into historical revisionism in 2015 that Monoxide’s hard right turn toward white supremacy began to coalesce.

Following the August, 2014, killing of Michael Brown, Monoxide began to reflect on his own burgeoning beliefs. During a June, 2016 interview on a Rebel Yell podcast, he paints a scene of racial disparity, with peaceful white protesters, violent, looting black protesters, and young, scared policemen. In the interview, Monoxide continued on his tirade of claiming double standards that are disadvantageous to white people.  “I wasn’t comfortable with being on the side of Black Lives Matter when it was like,” he proclaimed, “the only people that are getting arrested at these protests are white people and the blacks are like, breaking into the buildings and smashing the bank … The more I saw it that Black Lives Matter is literally just a terrorist group using these swipple whites as just like, a buffer.”

Soon after the events in Ferguson, Missouri, Red Ice Radio began giving airtime to Holocaust deniers and World War II revisionists. As a longtime listener, Monoxide’s views began to develop in tandem. He started to move away from what he refers to as "conspiratard" theories, one of which is the notion that the police, “the world’s largest gang,” kill black boys. As Red Ice Radio devolved further and further into the perverse conflation of diversity with white genocide, Monoxide expanded his podcast patronage. When Red Ice featured Mike Enoch and Seventh Son , Monoxide was drawn to The Daily Shoah. One episode in particular, the 'Summer Chimpout Edition' proved pivotal in Monoxide’s Alt-Right transition. The August, 2014 show featured several panelists speculating about the events surrounding Michael Brown’s death. Monoxide credits this episode with impetuously bolstering his own nascent views.

Monoxide became involved with The Right Stuff, the blog that hosts The Daily Shoah, in December, 2015. In January, 2016, he introduced his own show called The Current Year Tonight, a play on liberal political satire shows. His aim in taking a satirical approach was to challenge the left’s supposed monopoly on comedy and rejuvenate the Alt-Right with a younger — albeit more malleable — audience. However, the show failed to garner much viewership and was discontinued after three episodes.

Monoxide’s next endeavor, “The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour,” is a self-described “Republican podcast covering the paranormal, occult and the conspiratorial.” The show’s namesake, Ahnenerbe, was a project created by Heinrich Himmler in Nazi Germany to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. Thus, jumping on the Nazi-era bandwagon, the show combined Monoxide’s penchant for conspiracy with his blinding white supremacy.

While each show centers on a topic ranging from his belief that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax to discussions of aliens, Monoxide never fails to devolve into a discussion of the JQ (Jewish Question) or racial inferiority of African Americans. In addition, he co-hosts "This Week In White Genocide," which features conversations centered around the alleged assault of globalism on the purity and sanctity of the white race. Monoxide is also a frequent contributor on “The Daily Shoah,” as well as “The Alt-Right Rising,” and has numerous interviews on various white supremacy platforms.

In addition to podcasts, Johnny Monoxide is affiliated with various Alt-Right figures and has participated in several notable events aimed at creating unity across the movement. In an April, 2016 video from the Alex Jones Youtube channel, Monoxide verbally clashed with Trump campaign protestors. However, his debate tactics quickly disintegrated into “I’m sorry your mom raised such a p----” when a member of the opposition challenged his views on Judaism. On May 6, 2016, he joined Identity Evropa’s Nathan Damigo and the National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer at a short notice gathering on U.C. Berkeley's campus. Acting primarily as a cameraman for Red Ice Radio, the event was advertised as a “Safe Space” for the alt-right to discuss race. His next most notable public appearance came in the aftermath of debates surrounding Ann Coulter’s April 27, 2017 speech at U.C. Berkeley. Upon her decision to cancel the event, Monoxide told the press “we won’t be shut down, because freedom of speech can’t be shut down. Because if we back down then we have lost.” Also, despite his upbringing in the Northeast and residence in California, he helped organize a June 17, 2017 event, 'Texas Is Ours,' in Austin. The day aimed to coordinate the efforts of the alt-right and was hailed by Daily Stormer as “a real life Alt-Right event, where proud white men got up and talked about Jews and their hordes without any reservation whatsoever.”

Unlike several of his affiliates, Monoxide makes no effort at hiding his racism behind the veneer of intellect. Despite his frequent assertions that he’s “a funny guy,” his singular attempt at political satire was a short-lived flop, possibly attributed to his inability to skillfully interweave comedy and a succinct quasi-political argument. Back in his comfort zone of baseless conspiracy theories, Monoxide has the freedom to maneuver in alternate realities bolstered by made up facts. His shows, however, often devolve into a two-hour recording of “shitposting” — brazenly racist statements passed off as jokes. When featured on other broadcasts, Monoxide often takes a back seat as his colleagues struggle to piece together any semblance of a political argument to support their ill-conceived racial notions. In general, his most profound contributions usually include a joke about his short stature. Therefore, it would appear that Monoxide strives to participate in numerous podcasts and events simply to maintain the façade being on the forefront and cutting edge of the Alt-Right movement.

It is also conceivable that Johnny Monoxide fears personal attacks from both outside and within the Alt-Right. Following the May, 2016 event at Berkeley, several articles surfaced exposing his affiliations and linking him to his real name. The doxing seemed to have had a substantial effect, as he claims to have called the "TRS expeditionary force" to counter-dox the journalist. In the same interview, Monoxide asserted his indifference to doxing because he has “a 14-shot double barrel Kel-Tec for ya.” Monoxide further flaunts his insecurities with his regular attacks on members of the Alt-Right whom he deems too “alt-lite” for the movement. Two of his favorite targets are Mike Cernovich and Baked Alaska, the latter of whom he has attacked for having a “s---” girlfriend and leading the “f------ c----fest” protest in response to Ann Coulter’s speech cancellation, for which he claims he’s “gotta kill this n----.”

Despite his remarks, Johnny Monoxide and Baked Alaska will be sharing the stage at Unite The Right on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville , Virginia. . The event will no doubt be the cornerstone of Monoxide’s quest to remain "as fashy as you can get."