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All in the Family

Websites are popping up that are geared towards white supremacist women and families.

Looking for inspirational stories about women making babies to help grow the race? Family guidance on that "scum of the earth" monument to multiculturalism, Sesame Street? How about tributes to sex kitten Brigitte Bardot ("France is for Whites!"), Queen Elizabeth I ("regal and right") and Nazi era filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl ("ingenious")?

Come on down to the Aryan Dating Page. It's free, it's decorated with angels and naked Grecian men, and it's for "heterosexual white gentiles only."

In the cyberworld of the ADP, Matt Hale, leader of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator, is "Matt." He's 26, 5' 9", 140 pounds and a "classical violinist for 16 years." Handsome Matt is seeking "a young, attractive, positive, dependable, creative, intelligent and open-minded White woman who loves her Race."

You may want to visit with Freya, an alluring, scantily clad Dutch flight attendant ("57 kilos and a cup C") who finds herself attracted to "powerful leaders" and "Aryan warriors." Sarah (5'4", "strawberry blond") wears some frightening black lipstick, but she's a nice person, just looking for "someone who shares my views in White supremacy."

And then there's Kate. Kate just had her first baby ("5 lbs., 6 oz."), and she's learned from her somewhat harrowing experience. "Some of my friends whine about how Whites are losing the racial war," she concludes at the end of a graphic, woman-to-woman (Aryans only, please) account. "I'm actually doing something that helps our cause. I'm young and I'm having White children." You go, girl.

You'll find advice galore here, too.

Try a Celtic tattoo ("let's you keep your job and centrist friends while discreetly showing your racial views"). Learn the lessons of "Horses and Race" (race-mixing is bad, as any breeder knows). Check out role models in the "Aryan Women Hall of Fame" (Alessandra Mussolini, Queen Isabella and Vicki Weaver). Consider "Careers for Aryan Women" (policewoman, reporter, movie star).

There are books, poems, "Cupid's Art Gallery" and more. And if, in the end, you still find yourself feeling sad and lonely, try a little pillow talk.

Just click on "Prison Pen Pals."