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Kehoe Allegedly Murdered Accomplice

White supremacist Chevie Kehoe allegedly murdered a member of his gang who he believed would inform on him, an indictment says.

White supremacist Chevie Kehoe murdered a neo-Nazi Skinhead member of his gang because the man was about to reveal Kehoe's plans to engage in robberies of armored cars, according to a superseding indictment released by a federal grand jury in July.

The new indictment, listing 57 separate crimes including five murders, also charges Kehoe's father, Kirby, for the first time. The indictment accuses the Kehoes and Daniel Lewis Lee of conspiring to build the whites-only Aryan People's Republic beginning in 1993.

Among the gang's alleged crimes were the murders of an Arkansas family, including an 8-year-old girl. All three had plastic bags taped over their heads and were then shocked with a stun gun as they suffocated.

The new indictment offers several other new details. Chevie Kehoe allegedly murdered Jon Cox, who was then being sought for a racially motivated assault in California, because Cox was writing to friends of Kehoe's plans. Another gang member was murdered after Kehoe persuaded the man's common-law wife to become Kehoe's polygamous second wife.

In addition, Kehoe and Lee are newly charged with setting off a bomb at the entrance of the Spokane, Wash., City Hall building on April 29, 1996.