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Right Meets Far Right

At a January 1998 anti-immigration meeting, the intermingling of extremists with 'mainstream' right-wingers illustrates a similar pattern throughout the country.

A January meeting of anti-immigration activists in Cullman, Ala., illustrates the increasing intermingling of "mainstream" right-wingers with neo-Nazi, Klan and antigovernment extremist elements from around North America.

In a day laced with anti-Mexican and anti-Asian oratory and the burning of a Mexican flag, leaders of the Voice of Citizens Together and the U.S. Taxpayers Party — which typically describe themselves as legitimate, non-racist organizations — mingled with Klansmen, Skinheads, militia activists and others.

Among those attending on Jan. 17 were Paul Fromm, a Holocaust denier who is director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression and founder of Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform; William Burchfield, an Alabama Klan leader; an unidentified Skinhead with "Born to Hate" tattooed on one arm; Don Crumm of the Alabama chapter of the U.S. Taxpayers Party; Glenn Spencer, president of the anti-immigration Voice of Citizens Together; and militia minstrel Carl Klang.