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How Women are Viewed by the Radical Right

Radical right traditionalists say role of women centers on family, marriage, and a secondary role.

Many within the radical right are calling for more female leaders and activists. But traditionalists — those who describe the role of women principally as that of wife, mother and genetic bearer of "Aryan" virtues — still are the majority in the white supremacist movement.

Here are excerpts from a few of these traditionalists' views:

Aryan Nations, the influential neo-Nazi group based in Hayden Lake, Idaho
"Nature has ordained that man should be the guardian of the family and the protector of the community. The world of contented womanhood is made of family: husband, children and home. ...

"Honored above all is the mother. It is a far greater love and service to be the mother of healthy Aryan children than to be a clever woman lawyer."

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Ark.
"While we accept the contributions that can be offered by our women, the Klan still believes that our women find their greatest fulfillment as mothers of our children. ...

"[N]o woman should be forced away from her home and children as is being done today by the shambled economy brought upon us by the greedy bankers of international finance."

LaPorte Church of Christ, an anti-Semitic Christian Identity ministry in Colorado (in the words of Cheri Peters, recently deceased wife of leader Pete Peters)
"Probably more than anything else a woman not only desires but NEEDS to feel loved, cherished and honored by the one man God has given to rule over her. ... God never intended for anyone but a white Christian male to make decisions."