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IQ and Race: The Web Sites

Read a list of key websites dedicated to arguing for genetic differences in intelligence between racial and ethnic groups.

Under the aegis of "scientific" studies of intelligence, a number of scholars and commentators have argued that there are significant IQ differences between blacks, whites and other races. Here is a list of key Web sites that carry some of these arguments. Although not all of these sites are explicitly racist, many are, and the arguments they promote are used widely by white supremacist groups to legitimize racial hatred.

American Renaissance

This is the home site of American Renaissance magazine, which was founded by Jared Taylor, author of the controversial book Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America. The site carries articles that include "Is There a Superior Race?" and "The Myth of Diversity."

Council for Social and Economic Studies Inc.

Described as an academic organization, this group offers for sale books and journals including The Mankind Quarterly. The council's Web site carries titles such as "The Evolutionary Function of Prejudice," "The Problem of Equality" and "Will America Drown? Immigration and the Third World Population Explosion."

David Duke's Race Information Library

This section of former Klansman David Duke's huge site includes a multitude of writings covering topics such as "Racial Differences," "Innate Intellectual and Psychological Differences," "Racial Differences in Intelligence" and "Race as a Biological Concept."

Euro-American Students Union

The Euro-American Students Union promotes student writings and activism on issues related to race and science. Articles and postings on its Web site cover topics ranging from "Jewish Influences" to one woman's "Call to White Americans."

Future Generations

A collection of writings from Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve, and other academics who focus on supposed race-based IQ differences and eugenics, the science of improving a race stock through selective breeding. Among the site's assertions is that "the majority of scientists who do research on IQ believe part of the black-white difference is genetic."

PINC: Politically Incorrect

A bimonthly Internet magazine, PINC claims to deal honestly with taboo subjects. Recnet articles have included "The Old Eugenics vs. The New Eugenics," "PC and the Crisis of Liberalism" and "The Race Card: White Guilt, Black Resentment."

Pioneer Fund

This is the official Web site of the Pioneer Fund, a nonprofit foundation whose stated purpose is to study "the problems of heredity and eugenics in the human race." Pioneer has funded the studies of race scientists since its establishment in 1937, and its Web site offers details about past grant recipients and related matters.

Samuel Francis On-line

Fired from his job as a Washington Times columnist for racially inflammatory work, Samuel Francis is a leading right-wing commentator with a heavy interest in race science. His Web site carries Francis columns with titles such as "Racial Reconciliation Threatens National Heritage."

Stalking the Wild Taboo

This site offers an immense collection of materials focused on issues of race and science. Its commentaries cover topics ranging from eugenics to multiculturalism, described as "a deliberate device by which the power-hungry can subvert a culture."

William McDougall NewsLetter

This British-based site offers a weekly newsletter focusing on current events seen through the lens of race. Recent articles have carried such headlines as "European Integrationism: Another Mistake" and "50th Anniversary of Last Big IQ Research in Britain."