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Women Extremist Organizations Stake their Claim on the Web

As the number of neo-Nazi and other white supremacist sites skyrockets, extremist women are staking their claim online.

As the number of neo-Nazi and other white supremacist Internet sites skyrockets, women are staking out their own territory on the World Wide Web.

On many of these sites, a spirited debate on the role of women in the racist movement is taking place. Others stick to more traditional fare, from "Aryan" recipes to parenting tips for white mothers. Here are some examples of these women's Web sites:

Sisterhood of the WCOTC
One of four female-focused Web sites on the World Church of the Creator's "webring" of 18 sites. The site offers, among other things, accounts of "successful" grassroots recruitment drives; poetry extolling the virtues of motherhood; and a guestbook replete with comments, criticisms and dinner invitations.

Women's Frontier
This site is the home of the WCOTC'S Women's Frontier section and the principal forum for Lisa Turner's writings. The site is one of the most extensive of the women's sites on the Web and contains the group's 13-point "declaration," interviews with Frontier "sisters," tips on "Salubrious living," book reviews and "true stories from Mudland."

Women's Frontier: Maryland Chapter
This site, home of the Maryland section of the WCOTC's Women's Frontier, is in its early stages. It greets visitors with a depiction of a mother with her child and Frontier leader Lisa Turner's 13-point declaration. Pages on "Recipes/Food" and "The Joys of Children" are under construction.

Pulcher Candidus Dea
Run by a woman identifying herself as "Sister Jennifer Cobbs," this WCOTC site contains three short essays on women's role in the movement, the group's Creativity "theology" and the family. As of mid-summer, the guestbook had been signed by just a handful of visitors.

SNOwht's Site
Adolf Hitler greets visitors to this site with an ominous "This time ... no more Mr. Nice Guy." Once inside, SNOwht graces her guests with her thoughts, photos and a graphic of "The White Power Dancing Baby." Within the site is "SNOwht's White Women Page," which notes that "White Women are increasingly growing" in the movement.

For Aryan Women
This site is a page of the women's section of the Oregon Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Amid classical portraits of white women are links to writings by racist women, including a personal account from "Janice" on how she came to join the movement, anti-abortion articles and poetry including Rudyard Kipling's "Female of the Species."

Aryan Women Pride!!
"Aryan Dolly," who describes herself as a 26-year-old "proud mother" of four ("White women are the most beautiful thing on this earth"), welcomes visitors with a cartoon of a blonde in a miniskirt, stocking and garters — and holding a bomb with a lit fuse. The site offers links to 10 "must-see" sites (only three of which are focused on women's issues).

Women for Aryan Unity
This page is run by Occidental Pan-Aryan Crusader, a group based in Canada and with chapters in Australia which describes its chief goal as support for America's neo-Nazi National Alliance. It includes articles on women in the movement that describe females as "emasculated" [sic] because they are "no longer needed in the home," and men as "effeminate" because they have been "taught wive's [sic] skills."

Women in the White Pride Movement
This page is "published by White Pride women" who pledge to "celebrate and honor" Aryan women everywhere. It provides links to articles "of and for the women in the White Racialist Movement" (including journals of "thoughts" by the anonymous women who run the site), and warns against buying food products certified for "Kosher consumption."

Bootgirl 88 ASIAtralia mate
With the soundtrack to the movie "Braveheart" playing in the background, "Bootgirl" declares that "Skinhead is a way of life." Her site includes provocative sketches of Skinhead women along with her own thoughts about being a "pro-White bootgirl." Based in Australia, the site spends most of its energy attacking Asian-Australians: "They call themselves AUSSIES ... yet half of them don't speak English."

British Skinhead girls
On this site run by a branch of the British Hammerskins, "Justine" offers audio tracks of "a couple of my favourite songs," including "Smash the IRA." She has told visitors for months that the site will soon be moving to a new Web address.

Sigrdrifa Publications
Sigrdrifa is the publishing arm of Women for Aryan Unity (WAU). Its site offers products like "Children's White Heritage Coloring Books," booklets on survivalism and racist T-shirts, as well as an archive of articles. It also describes WAU's recently formed "Aryan Beginnings for Children (ABC)" — a project designed to assist parents in raising "proud white children."

Visitors to this site are greeted with a warning to "anti-racist supporters," suggesting they leave the site before being "corrupted." "SknHdGrl" then corrupts the curious with links to Skinhead sites, quotes from Hitler, short essays and personal photos of her cohorts.

White World of Skinchick
This site was created by Valkyries New Zealand, a recently formed, women-only white supremacist group in New Zealand that is closely associated with the Hammerskins. The site is small — most of its articles are "coming soon" — but introduces visitors to Valkyries, an organization for "white pride women who wanted to be part of a group."

Daughters of the Revolution — Aryan Female Homestead
This simple page contains two links: one to a page that offers reading materials for "pure-blooded Aryan prisoners" and a second to the White Pride Network. The latter link takes browsers to a drawing of a scantily clad female Skinhead, accompanied with various links to "White Pride" websites, including Women for Aryan Unity.

Freja's Homepage
Freja, who describes herself as a "30-year-old female national-socialist from Sweden," has four components on her site: "Freja's Art Page," featuring Nordic mythological art; samples of hate mail she has received; an article blasting censorship on the Web; and links to various other white supremacist Web sites.

Mothers of the Movement
Run independently by "anna," this extensive site declares that it is dedicated to "Aryan mothers everywhere." Among other things, it offers a second-hand clothing exchange for moms, essays extolling the virtues of motherhood, and even recipes for homemade fruit shakes.