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The Students

Many college students are searching for an academic basis for their bigoted feelings. Read anonymous e-mails sent by students to neo-Nazi leader William Pierce.

Many college students — reacting to the diversity they find on their campuses and their notion that "political correctness" is being forced on them — are looking for an intellectual basis for their feelings of racism and homophobia. Many find that kind of justification in the works of William Pierce, the leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, who produces weekly radio commentaries and posts transcripts on his web site.

Here are a few E-mail responses that anonymous students recently have sent to Pierce, who was once a physics professor at Oregon State University, and that Pierce, in turn, has posted on his site. They are remarkable not only for the feelings they express, but for their geographical diversity and the leading schools some of them hail from.

I am a student attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and this is exactly the type [of school] which you described... . There is a new Ethnic (non-white) Studies requirement for the BS/BA degree. The purpose behind this new requirement is fairly obvious, but no one will say what the purpose is. ... An alien from outer space might look at the course book and think that the Africans must have contributed a great deal to the human race... . Not all students are buying into this multicultural garbage that is being force[d] down our throats.

I am a student at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. I, and many of my fellow students, are becoming increasingly concerned about the rapidly increasing minority enrollment. ... Our instructors refuse to accept our papers on controversial subjects dealing with race and media influence... . We witness many of our White, young women willingly, if not happily, engage in race mixing or Homosexuality. We watch Blacks intimidate our fellow white students. But worse than the intimidation, is that these Whites believe they are actually at fault.

I am a college student of wholly European ancestry... . I have gained new and important insights from listening to Dr. Pierce's excellent radio broadcasts. ... I have yet to hear Dr. Pierce express an opinion with which I do not wholeheartedly agree, and living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, quite possibly the most liberal town in the United States, it is always a much welcome relief to hear a rational, truthful point of view, rather than the garbage that my brainwashed professors spew.

I am a 17-year-old sophomore majoring in computer science at Georgia Tech. I appreciate the risks you take to bring us your message. ... When writing your weekly broadcasts be sure to remind your readers that their primary goal now should be to educate themselves beyond the level of their peers. Encourage them to strive for excellence in their fields of study. A professional's outstanding knowledge in a field will give him power. Many professionals united for a common purpose will be unstoppable.

I am a college senior here in Massachusetts and a political science major. My college is more or less a black dominated college... . The blacks at my school have no respect for their professors or for their fellow students. And if any of the white students dare speak out about the noise level of the blacks, they will be called racist. It just sickens me how the media, the government, and academia will bend over backwards to pave the roads with gold for these simpletons... .

I am a twenty-two year old college student contacting you from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been highly disturbed and angered by the direction our country is headed. ... Have you considered that we are young, strong, and ready to fight? ... You must assign achievable goals to us so that we may help you. You must use us as an intelligence network. ... Please use this information to your advantage. We are here. The love is here. Give us something to look up to.