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Unrepentant Los Angeles Killer Gets Life

Killer Skinhead Randall Rojas is sentenced to life in prison for a racist murder — and changes his tune from repudiation of racism to a stream of obscenities.

Early last fall, jailed southern California Skinhead Randall Rojas spoke in moving tones of his renunciation of racism, his jailhouse conversion to religion and his plans to help other young people stay out of prison.

But in November, upon being sentenced to life in prison for a racist murder, Rojas sang a different tune.

Rojas unleashed a stream of obscenities at prosecutors and investigators just minutes after his sentence was pronounced for his part in the gruesome 1995 murder of Milton Walker, a homeless black man who was beaten to death behind a fast food restaurant.

After his tirade, Rojas, who was affiliated with the Nazi Low Riders gang, looked back at his mother, who appeared to smile.

Earlier, in an interview with the Intelligence Report, Rojas had described his life and spoken of the killing — although without being specific — with regret.

He said a black inmate had brought him to God. He claimed that he wanted to help young people by speaking to them about his life and where he had gone wrong.

"Really tell them how it is," he said then. "That is the most effective way. They need to see how they're going to be. They need to look at the future."