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'Patriot' Broadcaster on the Run

'Patriot' broadcaster and former Kentucky State Militia member Steve Anderson opened fire on a police officer during a traffic stop and is now on the run.

After months of issuing anti-government threats via his clandestine United Patriot Radio, former Kentucky State Militia member Steve Anderson has apparently taken action.

Police say the 53-year-old pirate short wave broadcaster opened fire Oct. 15 on a law enforcement official who had tried to pull him over for a broken tail light.

As Bell County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Elder approached Anderson's 1990 Chevrolet pickup, Anderson refused to give his name and told the deputy he had "several" weapons in the car, sending Elder running for cover behind his squad car.

Anderson then allegedly fired at least 25 rounds from an assault weapon at Elder's car.

Anderson "tried to saw a cruiser in half," was how Deputy Sheriff John Hoskins described the incident. Hoskins also said Anderson is an expert survivalist, who was believed to have several guns and two hand grenades with him.

Elder pursued Anderson as he fled, but more shots fired from the pickup disabled the cruiser. Later, police found the truck, containing two pipe bombs and ammunition, at the bottom of a 100-foot embankment.

Patrick Perry, a spokesman for the Kentucky State Militia, said Anderson was kicked out of the group in April because of anti-Semitism on his short wave broadcasts.

"I kind of thought he was prone to do something like that," Perry said. "He was sort of a lone wolf type."