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Music Manufacturer Boots Resistance Records

Music manufacturer boots neo-Nazi Resistance Records

A major entertainment company responsible for manufacturing thousands of racist products sold by Resistance Records — the white power label owned by the neo-Nazi National Alliance — has dropped the client after being questioned by the Intelligence Report.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Rainbo Records, which bills itself as "the oldest and largest in-house manufacturer of vinyl, cassettes, and CDs," presses compact discs for artists ranging from Lawrence Welk to Elvis Presley to Madonna.

Its past clients have included corporate giants like Disney, for whom Rainbo produced the first Disneyland Talking Map (a kind of audiotape tour) in 1956.

Since at least 1999, Rainbo also has replicated CDs filled with white power music — apparently including large numbers of Resistance soundtracks featuring incredibly violent, racist and anti-Semitic lyrics.

Most recently, according to a National Alliance E-mail, Rainbo shipped thousands of copies of Resistance's grotesque "Ethnic Cleansing" video game, which allows players to "run through the ghetto blasting away various blacks and spics to gain entrance to the subway system, where the Jews have hidden to avoid the carnage."

Rainbo will press 1,000 CDs for $1,099, a price that includes a "4-page Booklet with 4-color Cover, 1-color Back and 4-color Tray Card ... 2 color CD Label Imprinting, Jewel Box and Shrink-wrap, and quick turnaround."

So for about a dollar a CD, Resistance was able to replicate items like "Declaration of War," the 1993 tour de force by RAHOWA (a seminal white power band whose name is short for "racial holy war").

"So listen, slimy Jew," one song goes, "You're gonna wish you were never born when I get my hands on you."

Steve Sheldon, Rainbo's general manager, told the Intelligence Report that he had not known the nature of Resistance Records.

"They are no longer a client," he said after being told that America's premier neo-Nazi group runs and is largely funded by Resistance's CD sales. "We are gathering all of their components and are going to return them."

Sheldon, who is Jewish, said he is sensitive to free-speech considerations. But, he said, one has to "draw the line" somewhere.