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Podiatrist, Wife Arrested in Anti-Muslim Bomb Plot

When Robert Goldstein threatened to kill his wife, police investigated and discovered a plot to attack Islamic targets in Florida.

Strange to say, but a lot of Floridians were glad in retrospect that Dr. Robert Goldstein, a Jewish podiatrist in the small Gulf Coast town of Seminole, threatened to kill his wife in August.

When police came to investigate the Goldsteins' marital troubles, Kristi Goldstein authorized a search of their townhouse. It turned out to be quite a search.

Dr. Goldstein, 37, had rigged the place with trip wires and surveillance cameras — and the cops soon found out why. They say the podiatrist was plotting a series of attacks on Islamic targets in Florida. Investigators found a scrupulously detailed, three-page "mission template" with a schematic plan for the first bombing. The objective: "Kill all 'rags' at this Islamic Education Center."

Goldstein did seem ready to kill. Authorities seized 20 live bombs, two light rockets, a .50-caliber sniper rifle, an assortment of assault rifles and 25,000 rounds of ammunition. They also found a typed list of some 50 Islamic worship centers across the Sunshine State.

"He was a smart guy," said sheriff's detective Cal Dennie. "He knew his stuff. It was like a James Bond thing."