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Anti-Semitic Investment Adviser Sentenced to Prison

Financial adviser Chris Temple, who found success through CBS Marketwatch and other mainstream outlets despite his devotion to neo-Nazi causes, has been sentenced to prison after bilking his clients.

Chris Temple, a 20-year veteran of the neo-Nazi right, has been sentenced to six years in federal prison for ripping off investors he promised to make rich. He pleaded guilty in July to one count each of mail fraud and money laundering.

Temple, who has been very close to some of the most violent and frightening leaders of the radical right, was a long-time writer for the anti-Semitic Spotlight tabloid who later went on to become part owner of another Jew-bashing periodical, Media Bypass.

At the same time, however, he published an investment newsletter and, starting in late 2001, became a favorite "expert" of several mainstream financial publications including on-line editions of Forbes, Barron's and CBS Marketwatch.

During the same period, Temple was urging readers of his newsletter to put money into three investment partnerships he set up. But instead of investing their money as he promised, Temple used some $1.6 million to purchase and remodel his home, pay living expenses and repay other, earlier investors in the scam.

Temple was also ordered to pay $1 million in restitution.