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National Socialist Movement Chats Online About a New Youth Chapter in the South

White supremacist teens and others discuss plans for recruitment, trouble at home and struggles at school in online postings.

On May 10, Billy Brown, North Carolina leader of the neo-Nazi White Revolution group, told fellow radicals about a teenager he had met at a recent Virginia rally. In a Web posting, Brown described the boy as "already a leader" in the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement and added that he was starting a new NSM unit.

Brown posted an E-mail message that he received from the boy. An excerpt follows.

APRIL 11, 2004 · 2:08 P.M.
I'm a sixteen-year-old Christian skinhead. I met you in SC. actually I first met you in Raleigh a few weeks ago but didn't really get a chance to talk to you.

I'm trying to start something with the youth down here. There's nothing here to my knowledge and I have a number of potential recruits ready and willing to get involved. Ever since I got the shit kicked out of me at a local club called Lucky's, for being a Nazi, I have been both cursed and revered. Many a white youth has called me to the side and asked how to get involved or simply expressed their feelings to me.

I really want to get organized. There has been some talk in NSM about me starting a chapter down here. I'm just trying to get the word out that I want to organize and I am open to any opinions, ideas or suggestions. SEIG HEIL!!!!!!!!

These excerpts on youth recruitment are drawn from E-mail postings to the Youthful Resistance Forum of White Revolution, a neo-Nazi group. The numbers 14 and 88 are movement code — 14 for "The Fourteen Words" ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children") and 88 for "Heil Hitler" (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet).

JULY 31, 2003 · 'TOM88' WRITES
We could do camping trips, maybe have a Sunday school program where the kids get together, and have an older member teach them about the past greatness of our Race.

JULY 31, 2003 · 'PHINEAS8814' RESPONDS
We all know that music is one of our best mediums for reaching out to white youth with our message, so we should exploit that as much as possible.

SEPT. 13, 2003 · 'TOM88' WRITES
Games are a great idea. Ben Vinyard [forum board administrator at the neo-Nazi Web site Vanguard National News] showed me this little "suicide bomber" game that was flash enabled, that wouldn't be all that hard to emulate, but that's probably not too good of an idea for kids, but maybe something similar. ...

An online "ethnic cleansing" perhaps, would be pretty easy to do ... a "deer hunter" type game, with spooks, and hebes [Hebrews] floating across the screen, with a scope over them ... hehe.

Hello. ... I am "The White Bear," age 16/male ... Italian/Polish-American... . I am eager to be a part of your growing youth corps. ... [W]e can do so many things as youth to grow in numbers that it's not even funny. ... I am willing to help on an online basis as I cannot drive yet and am in high school, obviously.

The following excerpts, taken from the Resistance Youth forum on the Web site of the neo-Nazi Resistance Records label, focus on the problems racist youths face.

DEC. 19, 2003 · 'N----- KILLER' WRITES
I'm 15, and the biggest problem right now for me is school. There are so many minorities and Jews there. One of my teachers is even a Jew. It's hard because everyone knows what you are and they all hate you. ...

I have had only a couple of confrontations, but since there are like five of us and we all know how to fight really good and train like three times a week, they don't want to fight us (plus we go to the town center a lot and fight ourselves and they see that we are not afraid).

I'm 17. The most common, and normally the hardest task I face each day is coping with the anger I feel when I see a white person walking around with m---. It's all too common to see a beautiful, smart, and talented woman hanging off of a n----- or a s---. ...

I hate seeing my family with their eyes wide shut. They bend over backwards to gain acceptance by the n-----. My mom goes out of her way to make m--- feel like they're important. I hate that if I were to mention my beliefs to my dad, he would most likely have another heart attack. I hate that s---- can't drive to save their lives, and that n------ take it upon themselves to corrupt every moment of every day. ...

The hates I've mentioned above are merely skin-deep feelings. There's one thing I can say that I love more than anything else on earth, and that's the look in a white person's eyes when they begin to believe what I've told them.

I've always hated n------ because my mom is a featherwood [female white racist] but I really opened my eyes last year. ... [W]hen I fight n------ it's not me fighting him, it's me fighting three of them.

I really don't know why I started becoming racist but I noticed that more m--- and shit were getting the jobs that only white people did. Now it's just a flood. It's sickening.

This March, four apparently racist high school students discussed an Indian fellow student that one of the four dislikes. The following exchange took place on the Resistance Youth Forum of the Web site of neo-Nazi Resistance Records, which sells white power music to racist Skinheads and other youths.

MARCH 17, 2003 · 'IDC' WRITES
This Indian kid at school has been really getting under my skin lately. He feels that he is the king of the world, thus he constantly makes fun of people for being too white.

So my friend and I hatched this plan: If he is suspended he will be sent back to India, so we are trying to get everything he does on tape in order to get him removed from our country. We will bring up his constant threats, and attacks, on people due to their whiteness.

The system would consider that to be teasing and do almost nothing about it. That just reminded me of a time in 7th grade. There was this total queen in our school, I mean a total homo. Everybody in that school made fun of him. He told the principal and that got 7 people suspended.

MARCH 17, 2003 · 'XENU' WRITES
If you could con him into doing something really bad it would work. It doesn't need to be racial. In fact, it shouldn't [be].

Yeah, if you're known as a racist at school, trying to get him suspended for racism probably won't work.