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Deported from Canada, Holocaust Denier Faces German Court

Long-time Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel faces a Nov. 8 trial in Mannheim, Germany, in connection with pro-Nazi propaganda.

Long-time Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, deported from Canada as a security risk last March after being imprisoned there during a two-year investigation, now faces a Nov. 8 trial in Mannheim, Germany, in connection with pro-Nazi propaganda directed at Germans from an American-based Web site.

Zundel, a 66-year-old German native who lived most of his adult life in Canada as a permanent resident, is charged with inciting racial hatred through his Holocaust denial activities, which are a criminal offense in Germany.

Even while he lived in Canada, Zundel ran his infamous "Zundelsite" from a computer server in America, where the First Amendment protected his pro-Nazi writings. Eventually, he met Ingrid Rimland, an ethnic German who now lives in Tennessee. She ran his Web site beginning in 1995 and later married him.

Ingrid Rimland-Zundel, 69, recently wrote that an arrest warrant for her, as well, had been issued by the Germans. She had planned to attend her husband's trial before learning of the warrant charging her with Holocaust denial.

Like Zundel, Rimland-Zundel is of German ancestry. She is the daughter of ethnic Germans in the Ukraine who fled the approaching Russians in 1943. They traveled to Germany and remained there until several years after the war, when they moved to Paraguay. According to her own account, she emigrated to Canada in 1960 before moving in 1967 to the United States, where she has lived ever since.