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National Alliance's Resistance Magazine Loses Its Printer

Printer balks at continuing business with Eric Gliebe, the recently deposed chairman of the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance.

Late last year, a tall, gaunt man walked into the offices of the Cleveland, Ohio, printing firm Graphic Litho Inc. "He seemed like a total gentleman," Graphic Litho owner and general manager Andrea Petkash recalled. "He needed some business cards and letterhead printed, and we took care of that for him." Petkash told Intelligence Report she had no idea that Erich Gliebe was the recently deposed chairman of the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance, or that he'd been managing the hate rock music company Resistance Records, which is owned by the Alliance, and editing its magazine, Resistance.

But when Gliebe, who lives in the Cleveland area, returned to Graphic Litho with the storyboard layouts for Resistance, Petkash realized her new client was a neo-Nazi. The layouts included ads of cute blonde girls wearing "Holohoax" T-shirts, and a feature on the hate rock band Vaginal Jesus, whose new album contains songs such as "I Hate N------" and "Jesus Was Nothing but a Jew."

"I was a little apprehensive at first," Petkash said. But then she decided to take the money and print. "For us, it's just ink on paper," she said. "I don't endorse it, I don't get involved in it, I just print it." Petkash said she printed 5,000 copies of Resistance, which is far short of the 15,000 copies the National Alliance claims for the magazine's circulation. "We have black employees, and he [Gliebe] was always very nice to them," Petkash continued when contacted by Intelligence Report in early March. "I'll probably keep printing for him as long as he doesn't cause any problems."

But by the next morning, Petkash had changed her mind after reading about the National Alliance on an anti-Nazi Web site. "I'm not doing any work for Erich anymore," she said in voicemail message. "It's just not worth the trouble."