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Sonny Landham of the Council of Conservative Christians Speaks Out on Islam, Communism and Pedophilia

The Council of Conservative Citizens' favorite Native American speaks out on Islam, communism, and pedophilia.

In 1987, a dreadlocked alien landed in the jungles of Central America with a few days to kill. He spent them hunting a team of commandos led by "Rocky" co-star Carl Weathers.

Before finally meeting his match in future California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the alien disemboweled a future governor of Minnesota named Jesse Ventura. Before that, he sent the death howls of future Kentucky gubernatorial hopeful Sonny Landham echoing across the jungle canopy.

No visitor to the set of "Predator" could have predicted the monster-action movie would provide America with two governors. If forced to pick a future politician among the cast of bodybuilders, pro wrestlers and action-film vets, the smart money would have landed on Sonny Landham, the only candidate in the "Predator" troika to fall short in his bid for office.

True, Landham had starred in porn films like "They're All Sluts" (1975) and "The Love Bus" (1976). And yes, the actor of Cherokee descent had a history of violent behavior so long that the insurance company that underwrote "Predator" assigned him a full-time bodyguard as a condition of his casting.

But Sonny Landham is a political animal, always has been. As a student in the 1960s, he supported the far-right presidential tickets of Barry Goldwater and George Wallace. A religious native of Georgia, Landham says he had "mixed feelings" about the "communist-funded" civil rights movement. In 2003, he ran as an anti-establishment candidate in Kentucky's GOP primary for governor. He soon pulled out of the race, citing personal reasons.

Landham remains a staunch advocate of "states' rights forever." Estranged from the "communist" government of George W. Bush, he has found a political home as an honorary board member at the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group that grew out of the segregationist White Citizens Councils. Landham recently lent his star power to the new CCC-produced film "America Under Attack."

Who is attacking America?

"The camel dung shovelers," Landham explained to the Intelligence Report.

"Abdul, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and rest of the camel jockeys are our enemies," he said. "The answer is air power. We should bomb every man, woman and child in the Muslim countries. They're hiding weapons and breeding terrorists. We need to commence genocide in the region. Islam is not a religion."

When asked how this policy prescription fits with his professed evangelical Christianity, Landham scoffed.

"Un-Christian?" he asked. "Nobody said that after Dresden! They're the enemy. Bomb every house. Then send in the troops to see if anything is left. Who are we kidding? The camel dung shovelers can't even spell 'democracy.'"

Landham offers a slightly more progressive domestic agenda. It includes affordable health care, random drug testing for doctors, reindustrializing America ("we need to be a steel economy"), bringing back the draft, overturning Roe v. Wade, and purging Arab and communist influence from Hollywood, which Landham says is pushing a "pedophilic agenda" to rot America from within.

"Hollywood has gone berserk," said Landham. "There is a lot of pedophilia in that town. It has a long history. Judy Garland was servicing Columbia's Harry Cohen as a young girl."

Landham also is alarmed by the oil conspiracy. "Big Oil is backing Greenpeace to keep the Alaska Natural Wildlife Reserve closed and drive up prices," he explained.

Space does not allow for a full mapping of Landham's America-destroying coalition of communists, civil rights activists, pedophiles, oil execs, environmentalists, and camel dung shovelers. To get the whole story, contact the Sonny Landham Foundation about speaking engagement rates and availability. For $1,000, Landham will explain the world and regale guests at your private or corporate function with stories from the sets of TV shows like "Hardcastle and McCormick" and films like "Predator," which may yet produce another governor.

Let's just hope it's Carl Weathers.