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Overheard, Winter 2007

Quotes from Ted Smith, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz...

"[T]he Talmud is full of moral filth. … [Evangelical leaders are] carefully concealing the Jewish identity of those who corrupt Christian culture."
— Rev. TED PIKE, director of the National Prayer Network, in a June 21 essay that attacks Jews, the Jewish holy book, and alleged Jewish dominance of pornography, Hollywood and the media

"[L]et them fast until they starve to death… . Go make a bomb where you came from."
— Host MICHAEL SAVAGE, on the July 5 edition of his Talk Radio Network show, on "illegal alien" students on hunger strike to back a bill allowing some immigrants to become citizens

"This is a dry run against free speech in America by the Islamists and the illegal aliens. … Lady Liberty … is being raped by the illegal aliens."
—Host MICHAEL SAVAGE, on the Aug. 14 edition of his show, attacking a resolution by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which finally passed unanimously on Oct. 2, that condemned his July 5 comments as "hate speech" that is "defamatory … against immigrants"

"Muslims don't eat during the day during Ramadan. They fast during the day and eat at night. Sort of like cockroaches."
— Host NEAL BOORTZ, on the Aug. 14 edition of Cox Radio Syndication's "The Neal Boortz Show," discussing dietary restrictions during Islamic holy days

"[T]he NAACP …. [i]s a sad joke that should be shut down."
— MSNBC host TUCKER CARLSON, on the Aug. 24 edition of "Tucker," attacking the anti-racist organization as "a faithful arm" of the Democratic Party

"Barney Frank … had a fellow running basically a full-service w----house in his basement."
— MSNBC commentator PAT BUCHANAN, on the Aug. 29 edition of "MSNBC Live With Dan Abrams," repeating allegations about the openly gay Democratic congressman from Massachusetts that were specifically disproved in a 1989 House Ethics Committee investigation

"Would I exclude foreign Muslims from settlement in the U.S.A.? Yes, I would."
— National Review Online columnist JOHN DERBYSHIRE in a Sept. 20 column

"They wanna fight the white devil. … Black devils stalking their streets every night … can't go fight that. That would be snitching."
— Fox News Radio host JOHN GIBSON, on the Sept. 21 edition of his show, criticizing black anti-racism protesters in Jena, La.

"Media Matters is a gay, fascist website. … They're utter vermin."
— Host MICHAEL SAVAGE, on the Sept. 26 edition of Talk Radio Network's "Savage Nation," discussing a website that publishes transcripts of his controversial remarks quotes on this page were compiled from media accounts, web pages, e-mail groups and media matters for america, a website that monitors the far right.