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Jerome Corsi Appears on White Supremacist Radio

Hate radio appearances by best-selling author exposed by SPLC

Jerome Corsi, the author of the recently published best-selling book, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, found himself at the center of a media firestorm after an Intelligence Report investigation revealed he had been a guest on a white supremacist radio show and had accepted an invitation to appear on that show a second time.

As Corsi wrapped up a flurry of interviews in August on major television talk shows like CNN's "Larry King Live," the Report revealed that he had been on the notorious "Political Cesspool" show in July and was planning another appearance in late August.

The aptly named "Cesspool" is a blatantly racist and anti-Semitic weekly radio program hosted by Memphis, Tenn., white nationalist James Edwards, a protégé of ex-Klan leader David Duke. In addition to Corsi, "Cesspool" guests have included Duke, Holocaust denier Mark Weber and a whole "Who's Who" of the radical right.

Blaming "travel plans that changed," Corsi backed out of his second "Cesspool" interview just minutes before he was supposed to go on the air. Edwards said that Corsi's canceling "just goes to show what incredible pressure everyone in public life is under to never have anything to do with anyone who speaks up for the interests of white people."

Corsi first gained widespread attention as the co-author of the 2004 book Unfit for Command, which falsely vilified then-Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. But he is hardly a GOP partisan. Earlier this year, Corsi leveled a series of wild accusations at Republican presidential nominee John McCain, including an allegation that a group with Al Qaeda ties was financing his campaign.

Two years ago, Corsi helped glorify the border vigilante movement in Minutemen: Battle to Secure America's Borders, a book he co-authored with Minuteman Project leader Jim Gilchrist. Ironically enough, in October Corsi was himself deported—from Kenya.

Immigration agents in Nairobi detained Corsi and seized his passport as he was on his way to deliver a press conference about "secret ties" between Obama and Muslim leaders in the African country. "His immigration forms were not in order," a Kenyan immigration official told The New York Times.