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Racist Skinheads at Walt Disney World

A crew from the American Front, a Sacramento, Calif.-based gang of racist skinheads led by David Lynch, traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida, where they doubtless shocked other visitors as they sieg-heiled their way down the Splash Mountain flume ride.

After a day that included posing jauntily in front of the trademark Cinderella Castle, they traveled the next night to an undisclosed nearby location to join as many as 150 other skinheads in a celebration of "Martyr's Day," a high holy day of the radical right.

The event honors Robert Matthews, who founded the terror group The Order and was killed in a shootout with the FBI on Dec. 8, 1984, and was this year graced by an address given over the phone from prison by Richard Kemp, an Order member.

At the party, Lynch posed with Ritchie Myers, Florida leader of the American Front, and Forrest Fogarty, who is an Iraq War veteran, lead singer of the hate band Attack, and a member of the Confederate Hammerskins, which hosted the party.

Skinheads at Disney World


'Martyr's Day' party