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Sons of Confederate Veterans Members Also in Hate Groups

Read a list documenting hate group members in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, including national leadership.

The following is a list of current SCV officials at the national, regional (or Army), and state levels who also are (or have been recently) members or representatives of groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups.

Membership in these hate groups — the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), the League of the South (LOS), and Free Mississippi (FM) — is determined from the hate groups' publications, their Web sites and media reports.

In the list below, each person’s name is followed by his position in the SCV and, in parentheses, his hate group affiliation.

Not listed are a large number of SCV officials who have spoken at meetings of hate groups or worked alongside their members.

SCV executive council member Kirk Lyons, a well-known white supremacist who is currently running for an even higher SCV office, is not listed because he has publicly denied being a current member of any hate group.

National Leadership

Executive Council
Charles McMichael, Chief of Staff (FM)
John Weaver, Chaplain-in-Chief (CCC)

General Staff
Charles Kelly Barrow, Historian-in-Chief (LOS)
John Killian, Aide-de-Camp (national director, CCC)
Charles McMichael, Chief of Staff (FM)
John Weaver, Chaplain in Chief (CCC)

National Committeemen
Charles Kelly Barrow, Historical, Bonnie Blue Society (LOS)
Edward Cailleteau, Time and Place (secretary of Louisiana state chapter, CCC)
Ron Casteel, Organ Transplant, Promotional Affairs, Public Affairs (chairman of Missouri state chapter, LOS)
Dave Holcombe, Monuments (FM)
Charles McMichael, International Headquarters (FM)
Charles Rand, Recruiting/Retention (LOS, FM)
William Shofner, Constitutional Review (LOS)
John Weaver, National Relief (CCC)

Army Leadership

Army of Northern Virginia
Charles McMichael, Chief of Staff (FM)

Army of Tennessee
Carl Ford, Inspector (attorney general of Mississippi state chapter, LOS)
John Killian, Chief of Staff (national director, CCC)
Charles McMichael, Chief of Staff (FM)
Leonard Wilson, Parliamentarian (national director, CCC)

Army of the Trans-Mississippi
Ed Cailleteau, Executive Councilman (CCC)
Ron Casteel, Public Relations (chairman of Missouri state chapter, LOS)
Dave Holcombe, Chief of Heritage Defense (FM)
Eugene Hough, Judge Advocate (CCC)
Charles McMichael, Color Sergeant (FM)
Charles Rand, Division Commander (LOS, FM)

State Leadership

David Allen, 1st Lt. Commander (chairman of Tuscaloosa chapter, LOS)
Cecil Godwin, Special Projects Officer (LOS)
Leonard Wilson, Northwest Central Brigade Commander (national director, CCC)

Jeffrey Allen Hardy, 8th Brigade Commander (chairman of Central Florida regional chapter, LOS)
Jack B. Harris, 1st Brigade Commander (chairman of Florida Panhandle regional chapter, LOS)

Roger Busbice, Heritage Defense Chief/Aide de Camp (board member of Louisiana state chapter, CCC; 2000 heritage defense coordinator for Louisiana state chapter, LOS)
Ed Cailleteau, Editor/Parliamentarian (CCC)
Dave Holcombe, 2nd Lt. Commander (FM)
Charles McMichael, 1st Lt. Commander (FM)
Charles Rand, Commander (LOS, FM)

Bill Hinson, Historian (chairman of Greater Jackson chapter, CCC)
Greg Stewart, Parliamentarian (coordinator for Coahuma, Tunica and Quitman counties, FM)

Ron Casteel, Commander (chairman of Missouri state chapter, LOS)

Michael Masters, Commander 5th Brigade/Web Editor (chair of Virginia state chapter, CCC)

Military Order of the Stars and Bars

John Killian, Chaplain General (national director, CCC)

John Killian, Chaplain (national director, CCC)

Charles Kelly Barrow, Commander (LOS)

Timothy Manning, Chaplain (LOS)