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Misogyny: The Sites

The so-called “manosphere” is peopled with hundreds of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to savaging feminists in particular and women, very typically American women, in general.

The so-called “manosphere” is peopled with hundreds of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to savaging feminists in particular and women, very typically American women, in general. Although some of the sites make an attempt at civility and try to back their arguments with facts, they are almost all thick with misogynistic attacks that can be astounding for the guttural hatred they express. What follows are brief descriptions of a dozen of these sites. Another resource is the Man Boobz website (, a humorous pro-feminist blog (its tagline is “Misogyny: I Mock It”) that keeps a close eye on these and many other woman-hating sites.

Alcuin is a blog that promotes the “Intellectual Renaissance of the Western Tradition.” “Just as the Nazis had to create a Jewish conspiracy as a way to justify mass slaughter,” one post declares, “so feminists have to create patriarchy as a way to justify mass slaughter of innocent unborn, and the destruction of men and masculinity. Rape is now a political crime, not a crime of sex or violence. A man doesn’t have to rape in order to be a rapist. A man is a rapist until he somehow proves himself innocent.” Another post, titled “Having their cake,” asserts that “Western women … act, dress, and look like hairy fat pigs, but get angry when they can’t find a man … act like b------, but expect men to respect them … don’t know what the hell they want, but seek power over men and over everything.”

Boycott American Women
This site’s mission statement describes American women as “generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting.” Plus, they supposedly pose a higher risk of divorce than women from such countries as Russia, Thailand and the Philippines, where the blog suggests men find their mates. The site is rife with posts from outsiders, like the recent one that said: “I think we should export all american [sic] b------ to other countries and take in women from other places. … Have you noticed how fat these s---- get AT AN EARLY AGE… . [I]f you were allowed to beat your wife we wouldn’t be dealing with this crap.”

The Counter Feminist
Its tagline probably won’t be set to music any time soon, but it does capture the flavor of the site: “The female-supremacist hate movement called ‘feminism’ must be opened to the disinfecting sunlight of the world’s gaze and held to a stern accounting for its grievous transgressions.” Recent headlines, like December’s “More Proof That Feminism is a Social Cancer,” reflect the same sensibility. “Fidelbogen,” the otherwise unidentified Washington state man who operates the blog, also runs the False Rape Task Force and Women Doing Lousy Things blogs and is heavily involved in the Counter-Feminist YouTube Channel.

The False Rape Society
The False Rape Society is an Internet news aggregator, subtitled “Community of the Falsely Accused,” that features stories about allegedly false rape accusations and “feminist”-crafted “anti-male” legislation. While the site focuses heavily on news stories about false rape allegations, it frequently veers into such posts as the New Year’s Day item attacking a female supporter of then-presidential aspirant Michelle Bachmann for telling a reporter, “It takes a woman to get things done.”

In Mala Fide
This blog, whose name translates from the Latin as “In Bad Faith,” describes itself in its mission statement as “[a]n online magazine dedicated to publishing heretical and unpopular ideas. Ideas that polite society considers ‘racist,’ ‘misogynistic,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘bigoted’ or other slurs used to shut down critical thinking and maintain the web of delusions that keep our world broken and dying.” The unifying idea is this: “Feminism is a hate movement designed to disenfranchise and dehumanize men.” The site carries ads for such offerings as the HardKnight “male enhancement system,” PolishLasses (“Over 5,000 … candid photos”), and the racist 1922 classic The Revolt Against Civilization by Lothrop Stoddard.

MarkyMark’s Thoughts
Run by a New Jersey Tea Partier with a financially underwater house and a chronic medical condition, Marky Mark’s blog is filled with edifying thoughts like “Even Nice Girls are S----.” His blog is not without pathos, however; to say the least, his is not a happy existence. “Do I go through life and all its trials and tribulations alone? Do I go through them with a nagging, selfish b---- who won’t help me anyway? … Or, do I go through them alone, divorced, and poor?” But mostly, this blog is just plain nasty. “Boys,” a January posting urges Marky Mark’s readers, “don’t get involved in American women; they’re s----, s-----, and disease ridden w-----.”

This website tracks news and information about men’s issues from around the world, with a focus on activism — and outrage. Par for the course are lurid headlines like this one: “Pakistani wife kills, cooks husband for lusting over daughter.” The site also runs stories like the one it headlined “Australia: Girl, 13, charged after taxi knife attack” that involve no abuse accusations, but are merely meant to undermine what the site claims is “the myth that women are less violent than men.”

Reddit: Mens Rights
A “subreddit” of the user-generated news site Reddit, this forum describes itself as a “place for people who feel that men are currently being disadvantaged by society.” While it presents itself as a home for men seeking equality, it is notable for the anger it shows toward any program designed to help women. It also trafficks in various conspiracy theories. “Kloo2yoo,” identified as a site moderator, writes that there is “undeniable proof” of an international feminist conspiracy involving the United Nations, the Obama Administration and others, aimed at demonizing men.

Roosh Vörek is a Maryland-raised PUA (“pick up artist”) whose specialty is sex with foreign women; his blog is a sales vehicle for his books like Bang: The Pick Up Bible and Bang Iceland: How to Sleep With Icelandic Women in Iceland, which one Icelandic feminist group described as a “rape guide.” Vörek likes to talk about his many “notches” (seductions) and such things as “American c---- who I want to hate f---.” He adds: “I’ll be the first to admit that many of my bangs in the United States were hate f----. The masculine attitude and lack of care these women put into their style or hair irritated me, so I made it a point to f--- them and never call again.”

SAVE Services
The acronym in SAVE Services stands for Stop Abusive and Violent Environments; “Protecting Victims, Stopping False Allegations, Ending Abuse” is its tagline. In practice, that means lobbying to roll back services for victims of domestic abuse and penalties for their tormentors, while working to return the focus to the “true victims of abuse” — the falsely accused. The site trumpets as a “key fact” that “[f]emale initiation of partner violence is the leading reason for the woman becoming a victim of subsequent violence,” even though a study shows that approximately twice as many women as men are injured during incidents of domestic violence.

The Spearhead
The Spearhead is an online magazine that features a range of “voices in defense of ourselves, our families and our fellow men.” One post calls the recently released American version of the movie thriller “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” “hate porn for feminists” and describes its strong female lead as “like a kind of dyke junkie.” Another post includes this fairly typical summation: “I have said it before, and I will say it again; I don’t hate women. I just hate what they do to men.”

A Voice for Men
A Voice for Men is essentially a mouthpiece for its editor, Paul Elam, who proposes to “expose misandry [hatred of men] on all levels in our culture.” Elam tosses down the gauntlet in his mission statement: “AVfM regards feminists, manginas [a derisive term for weak men], white knights [a similar derisive term, for males who identify as feminists] and other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would clansmen [sic], skinheads, neo Nazis or other purveyors of hate.”, an affiliated website that vilifies women by name who have made supposedly false rape allegations (among other crimes against masculinity), is one of Elam’s signature “anti-hate” efforts. “Why are these women not in prison?” the site asks.