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Arkansas High School Teacher Quits After Exposure as Neo-Nazi

A Star City, Ark., social studies teacher saw his career go up in flames after Hatewatch, the blog associated with the Intelligence Report, revealed that he was a longtime white supremacist with a creepy interest in underage girls.

Hatewatch on April 24 outed Philip Holthoff, 53, a teacher at Star City High School, as a high-value contributor to Stormfront and a member or former member of a wide range of white nationalist hate groups. The school system placed Holtoff on paid leave the next day, and he resigned without comment a few weeks later.

Holthoff’s history of racist activity dates back at least 35 years. Records show that he joined the neo-Nazi National Alliance in May 1980 at the age of 19. He later joined the neo-Nazi National Vanguard, and also became a “lifetime member” of White Revolution, another now-defunct neo-Nazi group.

Though he linked on Facebook to various racist groups such as American Renaissance and Alternative Right, it was on Stormfront, a racist message board that is the primary online meeting place for murderers involved in white supremacist-related slayings worldwide, that Holthoff aired his racist views. In more than 400 posts made under the pseudonym David_Lee_Saxon, Holthoff railed against interracial dating, complained about the “odor” of African Americans (whom he often referred to as “Negros”), griped that a “Judeo-liberal coalition” was manipulating the media, and offered seemingly unsolicited advice about pornography and teenage girls.

Though he used a fake name, Holthoff never concealed his profession. In a particularly offensive 2013 post, he commented, “Its [sic] graduation time. I always get a kick out of how white administrators beg and plead for people to behave during the ceremonies. Black parents are the worse [sic]. The entire race must have ADD. Halfway into the ceremony they scream, shout, blow air guns and dance in the aisle when their child’s name is called. And that odor get in your clothes to [sic]!”

Elsewhere on Stormfront, Holthoff bragged about teaching “an objective course on Hitler and National Socialism that dispels many myths the media teaches and people believe,” and fantasized about a “top secret group” of white supremacists would “bring to justice” “traitors” who promote interracial activities like the Super Bowl.

He obsessed over interracial dating among the students of Star City High School, and wrote at length about pornography and underage girls. “Girls do indeed mature faster, both physical and emotionally than guys. At the risk of being sexist I would rather teach girls. They are more respectful and easier to teach. (I am only referring to WHITE high school girls),” he wrote in a bizarre 2007 Stormfront comment. “I have seen porn before. All of it had a screen introduction stating the girls were of legal age and proof was on file.” Later in the same post, he complained about FBI techniques for catching people seeking to consume child pornography.

Newly jobless, Holthoff may now find even more time to pursue such interests. Perhaps he’ll also dedicate himself to his other hobby, working as a ghost hunter for Spirit Seekers, the self-declared “premier Paranormal Investigation Team in Arkansas and beyond.”