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Preston Wiginton: In His Own Words

When it suits his purposes, Preston Wiginton presents himself as a mainstream conservative. But his own writings unmask him.

"Beating down a mud [person of color] when they try to poisen [sic] one of our own or when they try to seduce one of our [white] girls may not be God inspired, but rather a righteous act of collective preservation." post, July 29, 2007

"Some of the leading skinheads in Russia are my best friends. They are also the founders of the skinhead movement in Russia. … Luckily Russia is the only nation that understands RAHOWA [Racial Holy War]. Because of this … immigrants think twice about coming to Russia." post, July 21, 2007

"I am here to tell you of …[a] cancer called illegal immigration … an abnormal growth that is threatening the life of American culture and the life of American people through the poisoning and infecting of our infrastructure … because of unsustainable cost … our streets and neighborhoods with crime … our health and environment with the spreading of diseases … our workforce by displacing jobs and … (our) values and ways of life."
Excerpt from "Illegal Immigration Spells Cancer for the American Way of Life," undated essay posted to