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The Signers

View the signers of the 'defensive action statement,' a proclamation that violence is justifiable in the extremists' fight to end abortion.

Shortly before the trial of Michael Griffin for the 1993 murder of Dr. David Gunn, former Rev. Paul Hill and 33 others signed what has become known as the "defensive action statement."

The statement (text below) has become well known in the movement as one of the definitive lists of those who have seen murder of abortion doctors as "justifiable homicide."

Some of the signers, whose names were compiled by the Feminist Majority Foundation, have since withdrawn their names, and some have changed locations.

"We, the undersigned, declare the justice of taking all godly action necessary to defend innocent human life including the use of force. We proclaim that whatever force is legitimate to defend the life of a born child is legitimate to defend the life of an unborn child. We assert that if Michael Griffin did in fact kill David Gunn, his use of lethal force was justifiable provided it was carried out for the purpose of defending the lives of unborn children. Therefore, he ought to be acquitted of the charges against him."

  • Kenneth Arndt, Windham, N.H.
  • Mary Beddingfield, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Dan Bray, Bowie, Md.
  • Donna Bray, Bowie, Md.
  • Michael Bray, Bowie, Md.
  • John Brockhoeft, prisoner, Burlington, Ky.
  • Andrew Burnett, Portland, Ore.
  • Thomas Carleton, prisoner, Billerica, Mass.
  • David Craig, Hope, Ind.
  • David Crane, Norfolk, Va.
  • Paul deParrie, Portland, Ore.
  • Regina Dinwiddie, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Michael Dodds, Kansas
  • Henry Felisone, Queens, N.Y.
  • Joseph Foreman, Bluejay, Calif.
  • Mary Friberg, New Brighton, Minn.
  • David Graham, Olathe, Kan.
  • Paul J. Hill, prisoner, Pensacola, Fla.
  • Michael Jarecki, Brushton, N.Y.
  • Bill Koehler, North Bergen, N.J.
  • Dave Leach, Des Moines, Iowa
  • C. Roy McMillan, Jackson, Miss.
  • Mike Meyer, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Jacob Miller, Tampa, Fla.
  • Joseph F. O'Hara, Pennsylvania
  • Robert Pearson, West Long Branch, N.J.
  • Tony Piso, Forest Hill, N.Y.
  • Cathy Ramey, Portland, Ore.
  • Donald Spitz, Norfolk, Va.
  • Dawn Stover, Portland, Ore.
  • Matt Trewhella, Milwaukee, Wisc.
  • David Trosch, Mobile, Ala.
  • Mike Walker, Alabama
  • Valerie Zyskowski, Pittsburgh, Pa.