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Third Position On The Web

A mix of 'left' and 'right' sites have sprung up on the World Wide Web in recent years. Many of them have strong neofascist overtones.

A burgeoning number of sites devoted to "Third Position" ideology — a mix of "left" and "right" ideas with strong neofascist overtones — have sprung up on the World Wide Web in recent years. The list below is divided into two groups. The first group includes those sites listed on the resist@nce Web ring — all of them affiliated with the European Liberation Front and its ally, the Liason Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism.

Many of those behind this first group of sites are adherents of Odinism, a neo-Pagan religion popular among Skinheads. The second group of sites are affiliated with a key British group, the International Third Position (ITP). The first group is highly critical of the second because it opposes the ITP's right-wing Catholicism.

The American Front

Laced with articles from prominent fascists and Arab terrorists and leaders including Osama bin Laden and Col. Muammar Al Qadhafi, this site belongs to the American Front, the largest Third Position group in the United States. Featuring prominently on the site are interviews with James Porazzo, leader of the American Front.

Beyond Left and Right

Entering this site, visitors are greeted with the slogan, "The Revolution, Like the Wind, Can Never Be Stopped." Run out of Saskatoon, Canada, the site offers movie reviews, book reviews, interviews and "national revolutionary" merchandise.

It also includes a visceral attack on the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group that the site says uses "overly slick, savvy and spin-doctoresque techniques" to recruit.

Black Front

The ideas of Otto and Gregor Strasser, brothers who pushed a more "socialist" version of Hitler's National Socialism, are prominently featured here. (Black Front was the name of a group started by Otto Strasser after Hitler ordered his brother's murder.) In addition to articles by British Third Positionists, it carries the full texts of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Qadhafi's Green Book, and Jack London's Iron Heel.

Insurrection Online

"Freedom! Justice! Identity! National Revolution!" is the mantra of this site, which carries articles by American Front members and others on "national revolution." It also includes a withering attack on Don Black's Stormfront hate site. Stormfront had earlier written, "As if the Communism wasn't enough, in 3P many of the leaders are also Satanist. Third Position and American Front is Communist crap."

National Bolshevik index2.html

National Bolsheviks, or "national revolutionaries," are anti-capitalist insurrectionists with a strong fascist and anti-Semitic overlay. This site opens with a photo of Che Guevara and then leads into such articles as "Zionist Oppression." It also carries biographies of Third Position heroes and the "solidarity2" E-mail list.

National Revolution codreanu.html

National Revolution's slogan is the same as that of the American Front: "National Freedom, Social Justice, Racial Identity." This site offers articles on the Romanian Iron Guard and others penned by fascists such as Julius Evola and Yukio Mishima.

National Revolutionary Faction nrfindex.html

With the goals of a "monoracial Europe" and the destruction of the "economic imperialism of Zionism," this extensive site is the work of Briton Troy Southgate, who broke away from the International Third Position group.

It contains a gamut of articles on revolutionary skills and methods, as well as the manifesto of the European Liberation Front, a coalition of Third Position groups.

Spartacus Press

Spartacus Press is dedicated to "the idea of extreme-left/far-right convergence — a process ... once called the 'courage to live in antithesis.' " Opening with the words "Hail Serbia, F--- NATO," it has articles on revolutionary movements throughout the world, ecology and an eclectic array of other topics.

Its hope, it says, is to "encourage anti-System coalitions that transcend ideological and religious boundaries."

The Voice of Revolution On-line Journal

Devoted to "National Freedom and Social Justice," this site is run from Saskatoon, Canada, and carries articles — including "how-to" manuals for revolutionists — salient quotes, essays and poetry. Art is especially highlighted as key to developing the "New Man." One recent article exhorted readers to undertake "direct action."

The following English-language sites are affiliated with the International Third Position, a British neofascist group. They differ from other Third Position sites in that they are fervently Catholic, albeit from a far-right perspective.

American Coalition of Third Positionists

This is the site of the official American branch of the International Third Position, based in Rockville, Md. It sells pins and The Third Position Handbook, in which "ideology, structure, and strategies for political action" are discussed. The group also sells a newsletter through the site called Neither Left Nor Right.

Final Conflict

Final Conflict describes itself as the "premier Nationalist fanzine!" The site sells Third Position books, Celtic cross pendants, anti-abortion materials, videotapes, stickers, and even a T-shirt adorned with the words "FASCIST AND PROUD." It also carries an attack on the "criminality" of the British antifascist magazine Searchlight.

International Third Position third-position

This is the main site for the International Third Position (ITP), headed by Roberto Fiore and Derek Holland. Along with extensive links to other ITP-linked groups, the site carries information on the neofascist communes that ITP runs in Spain and France.

It describes its politics as driven by a "spiritually motivated worldview."