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For The Record

Incidents of apparent hate crimes and hate group activities listed here are drawn primarily from media sources.

These incidents include only a fraction of the almost 260,000 reported and unreported hate crimes that a 2012 Bureau of Justice Statistics report estimated occur annually. This listing carries a selection of incidents between February and June of 2016. Any additional listings can be found on the Intelligence Project’s website.


Dora · March 9, 2016

Six people were charged in connection with the Feb. 13 murder of bisexual teenager Nick Hawkins.

Mobile · May 15, 2016

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan distributed flyers attacking the transgender community. They read, in part, “Transgender is an abomination according to the King James Bible.”

Wetumpka · June 24-25, 2016

The League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group, held its annual convention at its Alabama headquarters. Approximately 60 people attended.


Harrison · April 29, 2016

The Knights Party, a Klan group, held its annual National Faith and Freedom conference. The number of attendees was unknown, but prominent white supremacists including the founder of the racist website Stormfront, Don Black, and the leader of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, William Daniel Johnson, were in attendance. The group announced the building of a new Christian Research and Development Center at its Harrison compound.

Harrison · July 25-26, 2016

The Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute, affiliated with the Knights Party, held an annual training conference.


Anaheim · Feb. 27, 2016

Three people were stabbed and one person was critically wounded during a violent melee at a Ku Klux Klan rally. Initially, 13 people were arrested, including William Quigg, the California grand dragon of the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. But after reviewing videos, police released all the Klansmen and charged seven counterprotesters they said had initiated the violence.

Claremont · May 5, 2016

Robert Priest, 65, was arrested after he allegedly used an anti-Muslim slur while pointing a handgun at someone driving a car.

Compton · March 3, 2016

After allegedly attacking transit personnel, K.C. Tard Jr., 34, was charged with a felony count of battery with injury and a hate crime violation.

Crestline · March 28, 2016

Sarah Stewart, 36, pleaded guilty to hanging mannequins in public areas with law enforcement officials’ names attached to them. Stewart has ties to white supremacist gang members.

Fresno · April 1, 2016

Daniel Wilson, 22, and Alex Mendoza, 17, both pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault likely to produce great bodily injury and a hate crime. They were arrested for allegedly beating and running over a 68-year-old Sikh man in December 2015.

Los Angeles · March 7, 2016

Three men, Ian Plankey, Richard Daulton and Kevin Stewart, were charged with hate crimes in an assault on Latinos at Stephen Sorenson Park.

Los Angeles · March 29, 2016

Shehada Issa, 69, was charged with murder after allegedly killing his son for being gay.

Los Angeles · April 13, 2016

A swastika was drawn over the residence hall door of an African-American student attending Biola University.

National City · June 8, 2016

A member of the Mexican consulate staff in San Diego was beaten in what officials described as a hate crime.

Oakhurst · March 20, 2016

A soccer coach’s car was vandalized with slurs, feces, and the word “Trump,” apparently because it appeared the coach was Mexican.

Plumas Lake · June 7, 2016

A racial epithet was allegedly yelled at a 14-year-old boy before he was beaten in a park.

San Jose · Feb. 22, 2016

Three former San Jose State University students were convicted of misdemeanor battery for bullying a black roommate by putting a bicycle lock around his neck, taunting him with racial slurs, and barricading him in his room.


Southington · March 15, 2016

“White Power” flyers distributed by the neo-Nazi American Nazi Party were found on cars.


Washington · Feb. 27, 2016

A multicultural LGBT center, Casa Ruby, was vandalized. A television and computers were destroyed.

Washington · June 9, 2016

A grocery store security guard, Francine Bernice Jones, was charged with one count of simple assault for allegedly assaulting a transgender woman.

Washington · June 23, 2016

A case of road rage over the use of a car horn led to an alleged hate crime against a Muslim woman and her teenage daughter. Kerlina Aviles, 27, was charged.


Tallahassee · March 26, 2016

Residents found recruitment flyers from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan scattered throughout their town.

Tampa · March 22, 2016

Pacual Carlos “Pete” Pietri was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for conspiring to violate the rights of an interracial couple by burning a five-foot cross in their front yard.


Atlanta · March 21, 2016

The FBI opened a hate crime investigation into Martin Blackwell, 48, for allegedly pouring boiling water on two gay men. Blackwell was charged with two counts of aggravated battery.

Rome · April 22, 2016

The neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement held a “White Rights Rally.”

Stone Mountain · April 22, 2106

Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists held a rally in support of the Confederate battle flag.


Boise · June 13, 2016

Brian L. Pottinger, 57, was arrested under Idaho’s hate crimes statute on suspicion of threatening and assaulting a person based on national origin.

Dietrich · May 19, 2106

Three white teenagers were charged with sexually assaulting a black teammate with a coat hanger.


Canton Lake · June 4, 2016

Tina Foley claimed her 15-year-old child was beaten and held underwater by a woman and her two sons while racial slurs were being shouted.

Evanston · March 10, 2016

Anthony Morales, 19, and Matthew Kafker, 18, of Northwestern University were charged with spray-painting racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic graffiti inside a chapel on the university’s campus.


Madison · May 27-28, 2016

A rally was held by the Confederate White Knights, a Klan group.

Nashville · Feb. 18, 2016

Yue Zhang, an 18-year-old Chinese high school student, was allegedly attacked by hatchet-wielding self-proclaimed white supremacist Dana Erickson. The FBI was brought in to investigate the case as a hate crime.

Plainfield · Feb. 27, 2016

The Islamic Society of North America’s headquarters was vandalized.


Alburnett · June 17, 2016

A transgender resident’s car was vandalized with “kill yourself” and other slurs including “t-----” and “pedophile.”

Iowa City · March 17, 2016

Andy Benavidez, 47, while wearing a surgical mask, allegedly attacked a black man then told police he did so because he was “allergic to black people.”

Iowa City · April 30, 2016

A 19-year-old black University of Iowa freshman told police that he was severely beaten by three white men who called him racial slurs. The police are treating the assault as a hate crime.


Overland Park · June 29, 2016

Brian D. Wachter, 40, faces a single felony count due to allegedly making a threat against Congregation Beth Shalom. In an unrelated case in April 2014, white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller killed three people at two Jewish centers in the same town.


Boston · March 8, 2016

James Winquist, a white supremacist serving two life sentences for the 2005 murders of two homeless men, appealed his conviction.

Newton · March 10, 2016

Police investigated anti-Semitic graffiti found at Day Middle School.


Grand Rapids · Feb. 18, 2016

Terry Ray Brooks, Jr., 46, who served 20 years in prison for a 1980s killing, was found guilty of ethnic intimidation following a two-day trial.


Minneapolis · June 29, 2016

Two men dressed in traditional robes and on their way to a Ramadan celebration were shot near the University of Minnesota. They drove themselves to the hospital where the men reported that they were attacked by a man screaming “f------ Muslims.” The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime.


Belhaven · May 15, 2016

Flyers distributed by the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were found in the front yards of a neighborhood. The flyers advertised a “Loyal White Knights Neighborhood Watch.”

Ocean Springs · June 19, 2016

The Mississippi realm of the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan left flyers in a neighborhood.


Boone County · March 1, 2016

Police were investigating a case of anti-Semitic vandalism after “Hitler Rules” was written on a notification board in a school.


Durham · March 29, 2016

Anti-Semitic flyers were found on public printers in the University of New Hampshire’s Dimond library and its Memorial Union building. White supremacist Andrew Auernheimer later claimed responsibility for arranging for anti-Semitic flyers to be produced by printers at several universities.


Annandale · April 29, 2016

Paul Sellitti, 47, was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment following a March 17 incident in which he allegedly spat at a Muslim couple.

Brighton · May 25, 2016

Racist graffiti was found etched onto a stairway leading to the front entrance of Brighton High School.

Brooklyn · May 13, 2016

A 32-year-old transgender man was attacked by five men while walking at night through a Brooklyn neighborhood.

Patchogue · May 5, 2016

Pamphlets from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan with the words “White Lives Do Matter” and contact information were distributed in a neighborhood.

New York · March 10, 2016

Elliot Morales was convicted of a hate crime in the murder of a drifter.

New York · April 8, 2016

In Greenwich Village, a Hasidic man in his fifties was slashed in the neck and face while waiting for a train. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

New York · June 20, 2016

A 14-year-old boy allegedly attacked 59-year-old Mohamed Rasheed Khan as he left the Center for Islamic Studies.


Grand Forks · May 20, 2016

Matthew Gust, 25, pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime for setting fire to a Somali restaurant.


Toledo · May 24, 2016

Toledo police arrested Charles Butler, Jr., 33, and Robert Paschalis, 25, and accused of felonious assault while yelling slurs.


Klamath Falls · May 20, 2016

John Blayne Vangastel, 37, pleaded guilty to threatening his Vietnamese neighbors.


Limerick · May 12, 2016

Thomas W. Driver, 52, was charged with ethnic intimidation after being accused of flashing a handgun at two Muslim women at a crowded mall in October 2015.

Tannersville · May 5, 2016

Ricky Strausser, 25, and Kimberly Ann McKee, 19, allegedly dumped a severed cow’s head at a Hindu man’s property hoping to scare the man into moving away.


Cranston · May 24, 2016

Swastikas were spray-painted on a stadium walkway.

Pawtucket · May 21, 2016

A swastika was found on a welcome sign outside of a synagogue.


Charleston · June 7, 2016

A Nov. 7 trial date was set by a federal judge in the hate crimes case against Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who killed nine members of an historic black church in June 2015.


Springfield · April 18, 2016

Dale Spurgeon, a 63-year-old member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, displayed a Nazi flag on his front lawn along Highway 76.


Corpus Christi · Feb. 17, 2016

Ramiro Serrata, Jr., and Jimmy Garza were sentenced to 15 years in prison. The men pleaded guilty in September 2015 to one count of conspiracy to commit hate crimes and one count of a hate crime violation under the federal hate crimes statute for causing bodily injury by attacking someone because of their sexual orientation.

Houston · April 15-17, 2016

The Aryan Renaissance Society held a camp out.


Richmond · March 11, 2016

Ronald B. Chaney, the third and final suspect accused of plotting to shoot up or bomb synagogues and black churches, pleaded guilty to robbery conspiracy and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. Two other defendants, Robert C. Doyle and Charles D. Halderman, pleaded guilty to robbery conspiracy in January. Doyle and Chaney are white supremacists, according to prosecutors, who bought guns and explosives from undercover agents and wanted to rob a Richmond-area silver and coin dealer to finance a race war.

Richmond · May 4, 2016

Robert C. Doyle, a former state prison inmate and alleged white supremacist, was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison for robbery conspiracy, and possessing firearms as a felon.


Seattle · June 7, 2016

Peter John Rossick, 30, allegedly beat a black man so severely that his nose separated from his face. Rossick now faces hate crime and malicious harassment charges.

Redmond · June 11, 2016

Redmond Police Department investigators and the FBI said they were trying to determine if a man arrested for allegedly threatening a Seattle mosque also threatened one in Redmond.


Cabell County · March 1, 2016

Flyers from the Original Knight Riders, a Klan group, were placed on residents’ porches.


Madison · April 1, 2016

Timothy A. Arnold, 21, was charged with four counts of misdemeanor graffiti after he was accused of using green paint to draw swastika-like symbols on the Jewish Experience of Madison, the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and the Samba Brazilian Grill.