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Fraihat v. ICE Community Resources

On April 20, 2020, a federal district court granted a nationwide preliminary injunction requiring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to take a number of important steps to protect medically vulnerable people in its custody from COVID-19. 

Under the order – in our case Fraihat v. ICE – ICE must also conduct custody re-determinations for all class members.

Below is information explaining the consequences of the court’s order, who it applies to, and also some helpful aspects of the decision that may be useful in your advocacy.

Although ICE is affirmatively required to conduct custody re-determinations, we think it may be helpful if detained individuals who are class members file such requests themselves. Below you will find resources attorneys and community members can use to make requests for custody re-determinations on behalf of detained individuals. If you submit such a request, please fill out this form to help us ensure that ICE is following the court’s order.

We will update this page with additional information as we receive it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Training: Fraihat v. ICE COVID-19 Release

Court Orders

Pro se Materials for Detained Inidivudals Without Attorneys

Resources for Attorneys

Notice of court order requiring custody re-determinations of individuals with risk factors for COVID-19