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Transnational White Supremacist Arthur Kemp Slammed Online By 'Stephan Kemp (Arthur Kemp's Son)'

The apple may have fallen quite far from the tree in the case of notorious South African white supremacist Arthur Kemp, who in recent years has become a key transnational player in both the far-right British National Party (BNP) and the neo-Nazi National Alliance in the U.S.

Someone identifying himself as Kemp’s 16-year-old son, using the moniker “Stephan Kemp,” has been taking the elder Kemp to task for being a “racist ass” and a lousy father on the anti-hate blog Lancaster United (motto: “taking on the BNP and the other riff-raff on the far-right”).

The first comment from Stephan Kemp appeared last September, relevant to an article on the controversy that erupted when the BNP began recommending its members read Kemp’s pseudo-history tome, March of the Titans: A History of the White Race. At grueling length, the book claims to document the history of “white race” from 35,000 B.C. through the 20th century, and credits whites with virtually all cultural and scientific advances, anywhere, ever.

A cozy bedtime story it’s not. Hence Stephan Kemp’s complaint:

“I remember almost every night when we would ask for a bedtime story (when most NORMAL fathers would read their children a normal book) he [Arthur Kemp] would instead tell us stories about how the white race was all supreme and then read us chapters from his horrible book “March of the White Titans” [sic]. Well, Dad, if you ever read this or even hear about it I just wanted to let you know that I HATE YOU!! You have no idea what I went through at school because of you, you twisted my mind and made my entire childhood a horrible misery. You will never understand what you have done to me.”

The comment concluded: “This human (if you can even call him that) should be deported back to South-Africa and jailed.” It was signed, “Stephan Kemp (Arthur Kemp's son).”

The commenter listed his location as Benoni, a city near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Last November, Stephan Kemp was back on Lancaster United, commenting on the BNP’s efforts to celebrate a “White History Month.” As part of the festivities, the BNP was again promoting March of the Titans.

“Picture this situation,” wrote the commenter identifying himself as Kemp’s son. “I am fast asleep in bed on a Thursday morning and when I wake I find that he [Arthur Kemp] is gone and then I receive a phone call from him telling me that he is on a flight to London. THIS A------ DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE MANNERS TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY FACE!! I have not seen my father in now ‘bout 2 and a bit years. All he EVER cared about was that stupid book.”

Kemp’s book continues to be marketed by the BNP’s Excalibur merchandise outlet.

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