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Another Adorable White-Power Sister Act

Do you miss Prussian Blue, the pop-singing twin sisters who entertained neo-Nazi crowds with their off-key odes to white power a few years back? Then you might want to check out another sister act: Eighteen-year-old Charity and 16-year-old Shelby Pendergraft, who form a group called Heritage Connection.

Prussian Blue, you may recall, consisted of Lynx and Lamb Gaede, who (with a little help from stage mom April Gaede) sieg-heiled their way to international stardom in white power circles. They haven't been heard from in awhile and have apparently moved on to other things.

The Pendergraft sisters have not yet received the media attention that the Gaede bunch drew in their heyday, but they claim to have performed at white nationalist events nationwide since they started performing as Heritage Connection in 2003. They’ve also released two CDs, “Aryan Awakening” and “Standing Our Ground,” and have shared the stage with a guitar-playing Derek Black, best known for the brouhaha that followed his election to the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.

Singing in thin, quavering voices, the sisters cover the standard range of perils facing whites, including race-mixing, ZOG [the Zionist-Occupied Government] and “the great illegal flood.” In a song titled “Living Nightmare,” for instance, the teenagers lament the destruction of their race: “You’re living in a fog/you’re siding with the ZOG.” A livelier track called “Propagandized America” includes the lyrics “When I say white pride worldwide/coming up from deep inside/they say I hate you/what am I to do?”

Fans will be glad to know that the Pendergrafts compose most of their own music and lyrics. They also provide their own accompaniment on guitar, violin, piano and drums. The result is “their own unique sound that the Pendergrafts jokingly refer to as Celtic/Country/Aryan/Folk/Rock,” according to their website.

The blond, fair-skinned Pendergrafts come from a long line of Aryan activists. Their grandfather is veteran Klansman Thomas Robb, leader of the Arkansas-based Knights Party, and their mother, Rachel Pendergraft, serves as spokeswoman for the Klan group. But not everyone is enamored of the sisters’ oeuvre; reaction to a youtube posting of their song “Dying Fire” included some disparaging comments.

“This is hilarious!” wrote “Flankoa.” “It sounds like it was recorded in an underwater bathroom onto a broken miniature cassette recorder.”

Added “ivyshoots,” “If anything is going to make me NOT feel proud to be white, it’s two nasal, talentless chicks representing our race by droning off-key musical warnings about an imagined apocalyptic race war.”

The sisters, who are home-schooled in Harrison, Ark., maintain a blog that offers a glimpse of their daily lives. Amid music lessons, schoolwork, church, chores and camping trips, the siblings find time to volunteer at their grandfather’s Klan headquarters and to work on a display about illegal immigration for the White Christian Heritage Festival. They write about looking forward to using their Christmas gift cards (“Too bad the JCPenney’s where we go is starting to look like a Mexican recruiting station!”), attend a music show in Eureka Springs, Ark., (“Sadly, this town has been overrun by queers.”), and watch the movie “Stardust” (“It was a good movie except for the propaganda — that’s in almost all movies — and the gay character in it.”). And Charity, who blasts immigrants in “Alien Flood,” reveals her fondness for Mexican cuisine. “We had enchiladas for dinner,” she writes. “Yum! I love Spanish food.”

Despite their questionable talent, the Pendergrafts have been performing for a dozen years and envision a bright future for their music. They will soon welcome their 9-year-old brother, Andrew, into the group. They are scheduled to appear live at the 2009 Knights Party National Leadership Conference in Harrison on Labor Day Weekend. And while they plan to pursue degrees in business and law, they intend to continue their “ministry of music” with the hope that it will “serve as a wakeup call to those who have forgotten their heritage. Our people deserve the best. Its [sic] time for an Aryan Awakening!”

Don’t forget the enchiladas.

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