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Responses to Militia Report: A Sampling

The SPLC’s report, “The Second Wave: Return of the Militias,” released Aug. 12, has drawn a spirited response. Here’s a representative sampling of E-mails and comments. Names have been removed from all messages except the one from Mr. LUCIFER. A few of the longer ones have been edited for length, but otherwise they’re reproduced just as they came in.


United States



What a load of crap!  I think I will list the Southern Poverty Law Center on my list of hate groups.


Sorry I am not a hillbilly racist nazi, just a legal non-violent gun owner that knows your demonizing gun owners is completely evil propaganda... We know who the fall guys are...and as a American who believes in Liberty and Freedom for all can see the same old game the SPLC plays...and I am one of millions waking up to the evil lies that are written by .org's as this one. You should cringe because your game is so transparent.


I understand that you have an appearance of teaching tolerance and trying to end racism.  Reality tells a different story, however.  You are actually promoting racism and falsely accusing others of racism simply because you either refuse to understand their positions on issues or you are purposely
distorting facts to promote a racist agenda. … I am not a member of a militia, nor has anyone in my family.  I do, however, know members of militias.  I have yet to meet a racist one. Militias are not forming because Obama is black.

Many militia members are black.  Many militia members voted for Obama, with his false promises and double talk.  People are buying guns and forming militias because they are watching Obama and his administration systematically destroy our Constitution and strip us of our rights. ...  Obama, and previous administrations are taking us down a road toward a socialist society thoroughtly under the national governmental thumb.  People are paying attention and seeing with their own eyes that things are quickly getting worse. They are arming themselves for protection of their persons, their families, and their freedoms.

It has nothing to do with the color of anyones skin and by trying to associate patriotism with racism shows just how much of a hack you truly are.  We were the greatest and most free nation in the world and most people would like to go back to that. People can see the writing on the wall, they know what is going on in this country, and they are preparing to do whatever they have to do to save this great land and return it to the republic it once was.  That is what militias are about.  That is why they are growing.

Stop spreading hate and start spreading truth.  Get a conscience.


I heard your representative Mr. Potok, what a friggin duetch-bag.  He voted for Obama. …
You group is a fraud and chasing Americans and calling them terrorists is the reason why they are going to shoot you in the ass, you fraud….
Your screwing up the country.  …
You make me sick.  I hope they get you and close you down you fraud.

not sure what you folks are doing except to deminish free speach by saying these folks are extreamistrs.

let me ask you a question, when is it legal to fight against a government? were our forefathers terrorests? in your opinion they would be. i guess it depends on who wins

i do not wish violence on anyone yet ther may come a time when this government needs to be taught that it is not its place to run our lives only to do what the consitution allows. this insurenace plane is wrong and is only a crack in the door of freedom and may rise to the level requiring good men/women to rebel aganst a government that no longer represents the people

i dont expect an anaswer from you just retoric. that is why the people are so upset.

Mark Potok's editorial contains the lies & half truths that so typifies leftist nonsense. Your claim of encouraging 'tolerance' is laughable.
Defaming patriots, like Beck, demonstrates quite clearly the hypocrital and intolerant nature of  organizations like yours.
I pray you people will wake up.

You really, really need to come up with a better -- perhaps more "nuanced" -- explanation for things.

I have scanned through your article on the re-emergence of "right-wing militias." I am not a member of any such group, and the only firearm I own is a .410 shotgun used to kill poisonous snakes on my rural place, and I am not a conspiracy theorist of any sort. As a result, I find much that you have reported both correct and worrying.

But if the only explanation you can find for those events is RACISM, you're going to get blindsided by the result. It is quite true that there are a lot of racists and nativists in the groups; such people exist, we have a sort of Republic with privileges of free speech, and if you think stifling them is a cure, the disease is likely to be highly preferable.

We have a President who wants to bring a minimum of one-sixth of the entire US economy under direct Federal control; it is perfectly possible to believe, and say, that this is a bad idea, without considering whether the said President is black, white, or purple with green stripes. We have goons
sponsored by ACORN and the SEIU beating people up at "town meetings"; it is perfectly possible to object to that without considering the race, sex, or even species of the goons.

You and many others seem to be trying to define "racist" as "opposes an initiative sponsored by a Democrat". It cheapens the accusation to the point of no longer having any utility. The "right wing militias" object to many things. It is quite true that racist impulses make their recruiting easier, but if you don't realize that there are many, many different motivations that contribute to their resurgence you will never be able to do anything effective against them.

Dear SPLC,
Perhaps there are hate groups all over this country of ours. I live in Tn. and know, no one, that belongs to any hate group. If you think Militias are mostly filled with people of hate, you are as wrong as you can possibly be.

The citizens of this country are not going to allow the Progressives to turn this Free Country into a Socialist State and that is all Tennesseans stand for, PERIOD….

So get off of the Hate Group witch hunt and tell the truth about HOW CITIZENS are over this President Obamas policies, hence the town hall meetings uproars. This will only escalate as The President and Congress continue not to listen to the American People. This is a representative government and people elected are not listening.


I've read a lot of the health care package Mr.Obama is so adamately shoving down our throats...have you? It's beyond socialistic, beyond communistic.

I voted for Allen Keyes....a black man, dont' try to make this a racial thing, it isn't, (Condaleeza Rice would've been my first pick...a black woman) it's about our freedoms, rights, and the preservation of our country.

The vast majority of these malitias are concerned about where this country is light speed I might add.   Your propoganda makes me and a multitude of other true Americans sick, but you do fit into this current regimes plans nicely.

I guess by contacting you, you will probably put me on the Govt's new Watch List, but oh well.  I can't believe you would send your report to the AP and list a 'black president' as a  reason for the rise in militias!!!  And to say there is a rise in people, but a decrease in violence?  Aren't you MORE

worried about the ASTRONOMICAL rise in Mexican Gang Violence in America and the use of our Federal Lands for growing pot by the Mexican Drug Cartels???
Check out the gang murders in Salinas, California alone!!  Look at the Mexican/American border----100% dangerous.  Do you love your country?  Then quit trying to bring American citizens against one another with your report that I find hard to believe---instead, why don't you try to convince our Government to make America safe for it's own citizens----by using whatever
force is necessary to get rid of these horrid, deadly Mexican gangs taking over the United States?!


After reading some of your work regarding militia's I have to say that while some of your information is accurate, there is also information that is colored and manipulated to paint a picture that you endorse and that you want the reader to endorse.  Frankly, I'm worried if some of our leaders in
Washington are paying heed to your work.

In your work you mention that some militia are growing due to a fear of a "secret" plan of Mexican immigrants taking over the South Western United States.  You treat it as though it's trivial, and part of a paranoid delusion, yet I have met a number of Mexican immigrants that have blatantly come right out and said they were going to take back the South West.

I would be willing to take your work seriously if you made more of a distinction between the wide spectrum of militia's out there.  Yes, as in everything there are fanatics on the right and the left, but most of the men and women joining militias are just people that love their country, have fought and protected the country from socialistic/communistic threats for the last 60 years, and want to ensure there is some manner of counter balance to keep the Federal and State governments in check.

Gun Owners and Militias are not the terrorist threat in America today, the Federal Gov't is:
It was an FBI sniper that killed Randy Weaver’s son and also his wife as she
was holding their 10-month-old baby while running for cover during the Ruby Ridge standoff in 1992.

It was the BATF that burned the Branch Davidian ranch to the ground, killing seventy-six people including more than 20 children and two pregnant women, during the Waco massacre in 1993.

And it was high level FBI officials that groomed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in the run up to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in 1995.


The rise of the militias is a heathly sign that the spark of liberty is still left in American's hearts.  No one of us wnats revolution, sedition, and treason.  We form to defend against armed attacks against our God Given, Constitution based liberties.

It's sad that you make it out as a racist movement.  Sure there are bigots in every movement including yours….

At present there are 10+ million gun owners commited with their life if necssary to defend against any (1) true domestic terrorits attacks from the fascists controlling our National Government, true foreign terrorists attacks, attempts at any confiscation of guns and ammunition, any attempts to force the very dangerous swine flu vaccine upon God's choice little ones, and attempts at rounding up "potential domestic terrorist" as defined by DHS announcment and placing us in "holding camps."

I invite you to renounce the dark side and join the light of Jesus Christ in fighting the battle against the coming fascist dictatorship.  IMO, you're part of the dark side at present, willingly or unknowinly: I hope the latter.


Why is it that when real americans disagree with the goverments communist, socialist agenda to dismantle america you left wing lap dog groups always try to label us as militia groups? Also, it has nothing to do with Obama being black (nice try), it has to do with he has no clue on how to run america,,he is a socialist, get it, and that cancer will kill america.
But,then again you people are socialists also so you can't see that typical propaganda from the communist media..


First off, I realize you won't print a word of this responce to your political agenda..I'm no fool. I also know you'll try to trace this e-mail..I'm at a park with a rebuilt lap-top, picking up a wireless internet connection so I can safely exclaim what you truely are, you traitorous basturds. …

I know you desperately want us to believe the majority of suckers listening to your B.S. believe the Obamanation is well loved and, runs all but, we know better..don't we!? The people in this country won't be your taged cattle treading the ramps of your chooseing because, people have something you binder's, torturers thieves, and murderers don't – spirit, courage and faith. …

Soon you Basturds and your puny world will fall apart before your eyes..I'll be there..I'll do my part..I'll watch you bastards die. … Forget your socialist world order. You traitors are going down. Do you think you have a proplem with the Arabs? we're your end..the nightmare you alway's dreaded.


Mr. Potok,
I just watched you on TV for the first time.  You spoke about and ridiculed the conspiracy theorists such as they who believe in the FEMA concentration camps.

You are either dangerously ignorant, dangerously naive or a liar and you're in someone's pocket.

Conspiracies abound. Only those with their head in the sand don't see them or don't want to see them. The North American Union, the NAFTA Superhighway, the New World Order, the Cover-up concerning the OK City bombing of the Murrah Bldg are just a few real conspiracies.

You're obviously suffering from the "Cry Wolf syndrome".  You've been put to sleep by false conspiracy claims, and now that there are real conspiracies, you respond the wrong way or don't respond at all.

The North American Union, which you also probably mock, has been mentioned and acknowledged by Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Lou Dobbs to start.

There are photos of the FEMA concentration camps.

Obama is a traitor and a liar just like Bush and most of the presidents who preceded them were.  I don't care what color he is.  If he were obeying the Constitution I wouldn't care if he came from another planet.

If you want to keep your head in the sand concerning these real conspiracies you have that right, but shut up and keep your ignorance to yourself.


Death to all Marxists!
Foreign and Domestic!


You are low life sicko's. You are the TERRORISTS in this country. We will run you out, to some  Soviet Socialist country. You need to pray to GOD and get on your knee's and repent of your sins.

To Whom it may concern,
Just so happens that I am in possesion of a commision signed by the Govenor. I have the duty to inform you that Militia does include every color and creed of citizen. The only qualifier is that of an able body.

You method of stigmatizing the citizen/soldier is recognized as propaganda tactics known to be in use by left wing entities. If you continue to attempt this I will find where it exists in code that the lines of propaganda and treason intersect.You are in my jurisdiction and I will arrest all parties.

I was wondering if you oculd tell me where I could buy a gun and join a
militia - You guys just gave them SO much free press I fugured they MUST be important and something I should look into. If they were not a legitimate way to show our opposition to liberal policies why would you have promoted them so highly and put them on the cover of your web site - UNLESS it was all just a fund raising gimick!!!


Kiss my white male ass.

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