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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Views of a Racist Filmmaker

As we reported yesterday, white supremacists are enamored of first-time filmmaker Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation about Race, presumably because the polished documentary lends a veneer of respectability to their racist beliefs. Bodeker, who narrates the film, comes across as an affable guy intent on using logic and facts to debunk what he sees as the myth of racism. You won’t hear him using slurs or threats when he asserts on camera that the term is just a tool to malign whites.

His posts on YouTube put the lie to that professional image and expose him for the bigot he is. He repeatedly refers to blacks, including President Barack Obama, as “monkeys.” In one post, he uses the anti-gay slur “f--”; in another, he suggests that Van Jones, the black White House advisor who resigned last month, should be lynched.

It doesn’t take much detective work to find the offensive comments. On his documentary’s webpage, he links to his YouTube channel, which identifies his username as “Craigbe.” As “Craigbe,” Bodeker has made numerous comments on videos that other users have posted to YouTube. (He’s more restrained when commenting on excerpts from his own documentary.)

Below is a sampling of the uncensored Craig Bodeker. We thank an astute Hatewatch reader for alerting us to most of these comments.

Posted under Barack Obama Doesn’t Know Where He Met Michelle:

“…It’s all or nothing for Caucasian whites. If you’re not 100% white, you HAVE NO WHITE IN YOU.
Want proof?
The best definition of ‘white’ is someone capable of producing ‘white’ offspring. All of the ‘white’ you say exists within Obama … has been destroyed. Obama, nor any of his descendants, will ever again produce a white child.
We all must re-learn what ‘white’ really means. Not what blacks tell us it means.”

Posted under MonkeyBama – Funny Japanese Obama Parody:

“…The only way an advanced culture can PROOVE [sic] it’s not ‘racist,’ is for it to elect MONKEYS as public servants…”

Posted under Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Says White Polluters Steered Poison into Minority Communities:

“People give this guy shit for being a Black Supremacist, as well as a hater of White people… But he’s also a F--!”

Posted under Obama Advisor Van Jones: Republicans are ‘A-------’:

“Why are commentators acting surprised?
This is a TYPICAL BLACK MAN speaking!
He has a limited intelligence, but is CERTAIN of his Intellectual Superiority over us common-folk!
He’s been privileged all his life, yet he believes he’s PERSECUTED!
He HATES white men, but we don’t call it hate!
Wake-up America! Because these EVIL monkeys are DESTROYING the greatest nation ever built!”

“Gee, a hateful, ignorant African-American.
So where’s the story…?
Every city, county and state has TOO MANY OF THEM!
And our gummint say’s [sic] we’re ‘racist’ when we wish they’d just go away! (Possibly back to Africa?)
Wake-up America!
These are the REAL HATERS!
These are the NAZIS!
And the time is drawing near for good white people to hold HATEMONGERS like jones accountable for his poisoning of our nation. Possibly with the aid of a NOOSE!”

Posted under Chicago Trib Reporter Gives Honest Assessment of Obama:
“…There are just certain words YOU CANNOT USE when discussing black men!
Like that ‘N’ word…
And Boy….
And any ‘simian’ references; monkey, ape, gorilla, chimp, etc.
And gangster, gang-banger, thug…
No. In our nation where free speech is a RIGHT, we modify it, so as not to anger the ignorant and the violent!”

Posted under Obama: Bush’s Afghanistan Plan Not Enough:

“God what a stupid monkey!”

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