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What's on the Menu at Georgia Eatery? A Racist Slur, Again

We can’t vouch for the cuisine at the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar in Paulding County, Georgia, but owner Patrick Lanzo serves a heaping plate full of racist rhetoric. His most recent offering: “Obamas plan for healthcare: Nigger rig it.”

Lanzo told an Atlanta TV reporter recently the sign was a critique of current health reform plans, not a racist message. He showed off pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela on the walls of his restaurant, and a 2005 NAACP membership card as proof. Of course, there’s also a mannequin wearing a Klan robe in the eatery. And Lanzo has a history of racist ruminations. A few years ago, a sign outside his restaurant asked in response to the Michael Jackson pedophilia trial: “Is Michael Jackson not guilty because he is a nigger or money.”

Other signs have included messages such as “Damn Yankees may have taken our niggers but not our guns” and “Are most lawyers just a lower form of a nigger.”

Lanzo has hosted annual music festivals of neo-Nazi skinheads. His restaurant’s website includes an image of a caricature of a robed Klansman urinating on Obama. Still, he denies being a racist. He told a reporter in 2005 that, if he’s a racist, then he’s a racist against everybody. Indeed, there is evidence that Lanzo is an equal opportunity bigot. Among the other signs he has displayed: “Immigration reform, kiss my white ass, send all illegals home,” and, “Bush, lets kick some sand niggers ass.”

Not exactly food for thought.

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