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Neo-Nazi Stage Mom Seeks a New Line of Work

It’s been a while since April Gaede’s teenage daughters appeared as the racist pop-singing duo Prussian Blue, but the former neo-Nazi stage mom is planning to keep busy with a new vocation: white-power matchmaker.

Eager to see white folks reproduce, Gaede is touting her services on, the leading white supremacist Web forum. “I am willing to act as a go between, researcher, matchmaker, older sister and guide for any WNs [white nationalists] who are looking for a WN spouse,” she wrote earlier this month. “Only email me if you are serious about finding a spouse or long term partner.”

Gaede, who lives in Kalispell, Mont., is currently offering her expertise for free. “I have racial contacts throughout the US as well as the world,” she wrote in a follow-up posting. “I am planning to create a more secure and successful way for WNs to meet by creating a screening process, starting with a questionnaire. I feel that with my name recognition and my involvement in WNism I will be able to give confidence to the participants and help create a safe way for us to meet and create new families.”

Gaede, 43, even shared her own story of finding true love. “I was 37 with two children when my husband Mark [Harrington] and I met,” she wrote. “In any other circumstances we might have been an unlikely pair, a city boy who plays hockey and a country girl who trained horses. But because of our ideological similarities and our mutual concern about the future of our race we have much more in common than the average couple today.”

She didn’t have such good luck with her first husband, the father of the twin daughters she propelled to international stardom in white-power circles. At 20, Gaede married Kris Lingelser, whom she described as a pot-smoking Icelandic pole vaulter. Although he made for good “Aryan” breeding stock, she claims that their relationship turned violent; they were divorced in the mid-‘90s. Gaede has said her one regret is “the many years that I lost in which I could have produced four to six more children with that ideal eugenic quality that [Lynx and Lamb] possess.”

By 2005, the then-12-year-old twins were wowing white supremacist audience with their sieg heiling and shrill odes to white survival. The following year, after an immense amount of press attention to the twins’ Prussian Blue performances, Gaede and Lingelser clashed in court over custody of their daughters. Lingelser said he’d changed and wanted to remove his children from the racist influence of his former wife. A judge allowed Gaede to retain custody, though Lingelser did get limited visitation rights. While the twins continued their singing act for a couple of years, a 2007 documentary shows them tiring of their mother’s overbearing ways.

In addition to micro-managing her daughters’ musical act, Gaede has boasted of scoring free merchandise by distracting clerks at chain stores. She once rode a horse through town almost naked as part of a radio promotion. And in 2007, she arranged for the body of white nationalist hero David Lane to be transported from a federal prison in Indiana — where he was serving a 190-year sentence in connection with the murder of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg — to her home in Montana. Lane’s cremated remains were apportioned among 14 miniature pyramids, one for each of the “14 Words” — a racist creed Lane authored. The pyramids were supposed to go to 14 white nationalist women, but it wasn’t long before Gaede and others were bitterly feuding over Lane-related matters.

It remains to be seen whether Gaede’s foray into matchmaking will be more successful, but judging from comments on Stormfront, there’s plenty of interest in her latest venture. Wrote one poster: “I need a match to help me light some fires — figuratively speaking, of course.”

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