Angels and Demons – Catholics in Conspiracy with Obama?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Whether it’s suggesting President Obama is a secret Muslim from Kenya or a dictator eager to pull the plug on grandma, it seems there’s no conspiracy theory too outrageous for the antigovernment “Patriot” movement.

That is, until Cliff Kincaid apparently crossed the line today.

Kincaid, who has built a reputation within the movement with conspiracy-mongering columns savaging liberals, gave a speech at a conference where he described Marxist and other radical-left elements within the Catholic Church that are apparently working to push forward a sinister Obama agenda.

Kincaid was careful to say he was not bashing the entire church, noting he was speaking as a Catholic. That caveat, however, was apparently not enough for his colleague and fellow speaker at the conference, Jerome Corsi.

Corsi, another big name in the Patriot movement, said he used Kincaid’s research in his book “The Obama Nation.” Nevertheless, Corsi had strong words for Kincaid when it was his turn to speak at the Jericho March & Conference, a gathering that mixed the religious right with some Patriot movement speakers. “I am a Catholic. I take exception with much of what he said,” Corsi said.

He stopped short of accusing Kincaid of bashing the church in the speech, which touched on Marxism in the church, the so-called “New World Order” and, apparently, Obama’s role in it. But Corsi certainly wasn’t pleased by what he heard. “It is unfair to represent the Catholic Church as communist. It is not,” Corsi said. “And Cliff, I take exception.”

As editor of Accuracy in Media’s “AIM Report” and founder and president of America’s Survival, Kincaid’s sights have been set on liberals and global institutions. But he has lately focused on elements within the Catholic Church. America’s Survival, which bills itself as a United Nations watchdog, has published reports about Marxism infiltrating the church, the Vatican’s “Quest for a World Political Authority” and yet another report looking at the Vatican’s role in the New World Order.

For Kincaid, it’s about accurately describing the progressive movement.

“The real danger in this movement is that it is not secular,” he said. “It is religiously based.”

The two men spoke at the Jericho March Conference, which brought about 75 to 100 attendees to an event whose stated goal includes “merging prayer and patriotism.” Insight USA, an organization headed by Christian activist Faye Hardin, hosted the event.

The attendees, who appeared to be mostly 55 or older and predominantly white and female, could pick up copies of the U.S. Constitution and religious paraphernalia at various tables. Free publications from Accuracy in Media and America’s Survival were also available.

But a copy of a report from America’s Survival about the Vatican’s role in the New World Order – including some 300 footnotes – could only be yours for $10.