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Neo-Nazi Official Patrolling Arizona Border Lauds Violence

As if Arizona wasn’t already unfriendly enough territory for immigrants, now they have to face angry, armed neo-Nazis. Incredibly, a small group of heavily armed racists patrolled for migrants and drug cartels last week on the Southern border.

Led by J.T. Ready — a recent member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) — the group, who call themselves Ready’s Rangers, took to the desert armed with semi-automatic rifles and clad in fatigues, military style helmets and Kevlar vests. The “rangers” ended up holding 11 immigrants at gunpoint, according to participant Harry Hughes, NSM’s media spokesman.





It wasn’t the first time out on the border for the group, which is mostly made up of NSM members. In June, Ready reported on the neo-Nazi forum New Saxon, which is run by NSM, having “captured” a total of “[t]hree live UDA’s (Undocumented Aliens) … and one UDA corpse” in Pinal County’s Vekol Valley. And we should expect more patrols. NSM Region 11 Director Jeff Hall promises “future large scale missions” in both California and Arizona.

Ready is a racist and an anti-Semite. His frequent postings on New Saxon are remarkably crude. Among other things, he has written that “the Jew is a two-headed cancer which corrupts and putrefies all that is natural and noble upon this earth.” Today, Ready made incendiary comments to Gawker about the Judge who placed an injunction on Arizona's anti-immigration law SB1070, saying, "Perhaps [Judge Bolton] should step her ass outside the air-conditioned courtroom sometime and see what is really happening as Rome burns and barbarians with AK-47s are in gun battles twenty miles from the gates of Phoenix."

But as scary as J.T. is, his pal in this endeavor, Harry Hughes, might be scarier. Hughes really, really doesn’t like Mexicans, citing approvingly on his blog an article that says: “Mexican illegal aliens are revolting. And they know it. It is their purpose to disrupt us, interfere with us and give us diseases that we haven’t had in this country for 100 years.” In September 2007, in a thread on the racist forum that was devoted to getting Mexicans to move out of a neighborhood, Hughes provided the following observation: “Back where I’m from they would just get into a hunting accident but that might not work here as there are too many of them.”

Hughes’ anger, by his own account, sometimes spills over into action. In July 2007, Hughes posted under his moniker “vandal52900” to Stormfront that he had shot a Mexican family’s dog. “The dog with the bullet belonged to Mexicans. I legally shot it, but was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because I yelled at the Mexicans.” Hughes said the charges were later dropped and “the Mexicans [sic] home mysteriously burned down.” In a September 2007 post that was later removed from Stormfront, Hughes wrote: “Does getting arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shouting at a latrino neighbor count? I was unarmed at the time and the cop was a s---.”

The “mysteriously burned” house also came up earlier, in a June 2007 Stormfront post, when Hughes contributed to a thread entitled “I’m the only white in my neighborhood that cares.” The thread was about a Mexican family supposedly living on his street. “There used to be a place [where Mexicans lived] in my neighborhood until it mysteriously burned down,” he wrote, adding happily, “The lot was cleared and these nice white people built a home there.”

A call to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office’s public information officer about whether or not a house burned down on Hughes’ street was not immediately returned.

Hughes sounded just as ominous in March 2006 on a forum run by racist New Jersey radio host Hal Turner. At the time, Turner was suggesting that his followers arm themselves and then protest pro-immigrant rallies that were scheduled to take place across the U.S. “Let April 10, 2006 go down in history as the day Americans took up arms against tens of thousands of third-world-savages who invaded our land. Clean your guns. Have plenty of ammunition,” Turner implored. “This is the perfect scenario, opportunity and obligation for LONE WOLF action,” he said, referring to terrorist acts undertaken by individuals acting on their own. That all sounded good to Hughes: “I would like to smell smoke on the tenth,” he wrote. “Arizona could use a real good cleansing.”

And it’s not just immigrants who anger Hughes. In November 2007, he suggested that a list of so-called race traitors be compiled. “We will need a directory of some sort prior to the ‘Day of the Rope,’” Hughes wrote, referring to a scene in the racist novel The Turner Diaries. (The book, written by the late neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, describes how revolutionary whites murder Jews, non-whites and, especially, white women who have slept with men of color, on “the day of the rope.”) Hughes added, “A website would make this data easily accessible for use by local units.”

All of which makes you wonder: Is it really a good idea to have men like J.T. Ready and Harry Hughes detaining anyone at gunpoint?


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