April Gaede Claims Daughters' Interviews are a Money-Making Scam

April Gaede responded to her twin daughters Lynx and Lamb announcing they had left the movement with a theory: They’re scamming the Jews, just as she taught them. “The girls are using the Jews [sic] media to make bank as usual. If they had done anything else they would not have gotten any attention,” Gaede said on Facebook earlier this week. “For a money making scheme I guess I can’t blame them too much.”

The message came a day after her two daughters granted an exclusive interview to The Daily on Sunday in which they announced they had renounced the racist world in which they were raised in favor of “a place of love and light.” “We should have been pushed toward something a little more mainstream and easier for us to handle than being front-men for a belief system that we didn’t completely understand,” Lynx said in the interview.

Given their role as what one publication called the “new face of hate,” the announcement sent shock waves through the racist right and drew out many white nationalist and nativist figures eager to respond. Some offered a defense of the Gaede twins, but overwhelmingly the trend was to comfort their mother, April Gaede. Even William Pierce, an author and chief ideologue behind the once powerful neo-Nazi National Alliance, made concessions to practice his beliefs, one commenter said. “Pierce had a Jew publish his books too… Can’t blame [Lynx and Lamb] too much,” a user named Per Olsson said. (Pierce is most infamous for publishing The Turner Diaries, a race war novel that inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.)

David Pringle, a longtime National Alliance activist and personal friend of the Gaede family, piped up on Facebook to say that the twins had been through hell--the family had suffered “violent persecution” and they “were harassed and persecuted at school”—which explained why they had turned their backs on racism. Pringle agreed with his fellow racist Morris Gulett that a certain amount of “journalist debauchery” probably was a cause, too.

Gaede and her daughters have been at the core of the neo-Nazi movement for more than a decade thanks in part to Prussian Blue, the white power band featuring the cherubic twins. Gaede, too, was a prominent member of the National Alliance. In 2007, she was accorded the “honor” of disposing the remains of Order terrorist David Lane, who died while serving a 190-year federal sentence in connection with the murder of a Jewish talk show host in 1984. (Lane had a disturbing fascination with Lynx and Lamb, whom he called his “fantasy sweethearts.”) Throughout it all, though, her ambitions centered on Lynx and Lamb, even if that meant exploiting their innocence.

What appears to be prominent Arizona nativist Laine Lawless had other ideas for the girls. A Facebook user posting as “Layne Lawless” told Geade to make sure she was paid for any photos of the girls used in the media. (Lawless, chief of the vigilante group Border Guardians, has many connections to anti-Semites. She apparently sent an email in 2006 to the rank-and-file members of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) to urge a campaign of violence against Latino immigrants, and in April, she attended a speech by British writer and Holocaust denier David Irving.)

“Better to make the judenpresse PAY for pix than to give them away,” Lawless said, using brazenly racist language. “Don’t’ just hand stuff over to them…make them PAY. It’s THEIR WAY; they can understand it.”