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The National Policy Institute Conference: Immigrants Ruining America

The lower levels of the Ronald Reagan Office building were mostly deserted Saturday morning, but there were a few signs of life outside the Polaris Suite. Books like Jared Taylor’s White Identity and Richard Lynn’s The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide were for sale in the foyer; inside, where a dozen or so tables were set with glasses and pitchers of ice water, a low buzz of conversation arose from the overwhelmingly male crowd that was slowly trickling in. Though there were a handful of 20-somethings in evidence, most of them seated in a student gallery at the back, more than half of the registrants appeared to be AARP-eligible.

But not the National Policy Institute’s Executive Director. To look at him bustling about with a stack of papers under his arm, greeting the arriving registrants, introducing dignitaries to each other and talking about their newest books and papers, it would be easy to mistake the boyishly energetic Richard Spencer for an up-and-coming college professor rather than the white nationalist that he is. The irony that the NPI was holding its first national conference in the Ronald Reagan office building was not lost on him.

“We need to tell our libertarian friends that the free market won’t let us speak,” he quipped as he began his opening remarks. “We need socialism and massive boondoggles like the Ronald Reagan building so we can have meetings like this one. We’re grateful for its staff, who have been wonderful, and the First Amendment for making this possible.”

The mood took a somber turn as he began his presentation, entitled “Apocalypse Now.” He played a short video, which juxtaposed lurid scenes from last month’s London riots with snippets of the English politician Enoch Powell’s infamous 1968 “Rivers of Blood” speech (“immigrant communities can organize to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign … to overawe and dominate … with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.’”).

Spencer clearly identified keenly with Powell, whose failure to turn back the immigrant tide, he said, “was tragic. He spoke the truth but always out of season. He was a philosopher, a physician in the Nietzschean sense.” The problem, in a nutshell, and not just for Powell back then, but for white nationalists today, is democracy. “Aristocrats think in generations; they govern on behalf of their grandchildren. Democrats want to get reelected next week.”

The apocalypse we are living through in this country isn’t so much a Mad Max scenario as it is the slow deflation of a paradigm that’s based on the illusions of inclusiveness, egalitarianism, diversity, and globalism, he continued. Because of what psychologists call a “normalcy bias,” we fail to see how unsustainable our system is. We subsidize minorities and immigrants with socialistic public sector jobs and with welfare. We’ve built a vast prison system to contain their sons, bigger than anything that any of our totalitarian foes ever dreamed of. We stand by as they lower our collective IQ, sap our economic productivity, and degrade our culture and we pay for it all by accruing a crippling level of debt. Most Americans, brainwashed as they are by the myth of multiculturalism, think this is the way things will always be. Worse yet, they believe that to resist this state of affairs is somehow immoral. White nationalists understand that race and nationality are at the root of all of our problems, which will give them an enormous advantage when the reckoning comes. And it will and perhaps sooner than anyone suspects—just ask the apparatchiks who used to run the USSR.

Keith Preston, a burly, pony-tailed, self-proclaimed Third Position anarchist and pan-secessionist spoke next on Totalitarian Humanism—which is another name for Political Correctness, with all the Communist, feminist, multiculturalist baggage that comes with it. Totalitarian Humanism begins with the misnomer “mankind.” There is no such thing as mankind, only nations. Totalitarian Humanism pretends that the differences between nations and races are only as deep as the differences between McDonald’s and KFC. Totalitarian humanism believes that differences are arbitrary social constructs and places the state above everything. Mass immigration provides a reserve army of capital (social service bureaucrats want more clients; schools want more students) for the state, and cheap labor for big business. For all that, liberals believe that they have something to atone for; they think “tolerance” is a virtue, even though mass immigration undercuts so many of their own supposed objectives (full employment, high wages).

Byron Roth, professor emeritus of psychology at Dowling College and the author of The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature, spoke on “Multiculturalism and Ethnic Activism.” He began in a high academic mode, describing how pre-historic humans lived in familial groups of 100 or so and survival was a zero-sum game in which whatever resources one group obtained came at the expense of another. Evolutionary psychology recognizes and rewards our instinct to protect and favor our own kin; tribes and nations attenuate it but don’t destroy it.

Minorities turn this instinct to their own advantage. Opportunistic demagogues use ethnic solidarity and the specter of imaginary threats and fictive discrimination to rally their populations to their defense—or rather, to attack the hapless majority. Blinded by political correctness and the chimera of inclusiveness, white people fail to recognize the objective reality: that darker people are inherently lawless and ignorant and require a much higher level of policing than they need for themselves; minority criminals thus run rampant, raping and robbing with impunity. This is why Oslo’s crime rate is four times higher than New York City’s—and why 100 percent of its reported rapes over the last five years were committed by non-European immigrants. [Reality check: Oslo’s per capita crime rate is higher than New York’s, but it’s worth noting that 1) New York has a very low crime rate for a big city, and 2) Unlike New York, Oslo police include low-level property crimes in their reports, swelling the total. As for the rape statistic, it is a widely reported canard, click here for perspective.]

Roth went on to detail how organizations like the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation flood minority activists with funds, enabling them to lobby for affirmative action and welfare and other schemes to redistribute the majority’s wealth. As whites become a minority, the collective IQ of the nation will inevitably plunge and the GDP will decline alongside it. When the money pump runs dry, the U.S. will be indistinguishable from the Third World nations from which the minorities fled.

During the Q&A, Roth opines that even putting an immediate halt to immigration and affirmative action would be too little too late; non-whites are reproducing so profligately that it’s only a matter of time before white people are overrun. Geographic separation, he says, might be the only solution—and for the first time all day, the room broke out in spontaneous applause.

The novelist, critic, painter and extreme metal artist Kurtagić was the next speaker. He spoke softly, in a thick accent, but the rhythms of his voice were incantatory. He explained that when white nationalism was defeated in World War II, the multicultural enemy seized the higher ground of ideas and co-opted the institutions of education, the marketplace and the state. Multiculturalist humanists not only hold the power, they own the best symbols; nobody notices that their ideas are bankrupt because they feel so good.

The message, Kurtagić proclaimed, is the messenger: Before they can prevail, white nationalists need to learn how to project an image of power. People are awed by strength and status; they want to be ravished, not reasoned with. They want to be on the winning team. White nationalists have to put a stop to their lamentation, despair and self pity, which are not the attitudes of the masterful, and begin to act like winners. Don’t talk about what we lost, he exhorted, but what we’ll gain. Defeatism is a prelude to defeat. We need to look like an establishment in waiting, not like we’re waiting for the collapse. Enjoy the struggle, he concluded, because joy will make you more creative and people will like you better. The audience certainly liked him. He received a standing ovation.

The next speaker was the Croatian linguist and diplomat Tomislav Sunic, the author of Against Democracy and Equality, who compared and contrasted the prospects for revived white nationalism in Europe and the U.S. Europe’s tragedy is that its nations are still fighting its old wars, he averred. In the U.S., there is the potential for true white solidarity. What to do with America’s immigrants? “I can’t say ‘ethnic cleansing,’” he said mischievously, invoking a phrase that, like “white,” “race,”  and “right wing” has been subjected to semantic distortions and become a pejorative. “But in December 1944 and January 1945, 12 million ethnic Germans were expelled from Western Europe. In Israel in 1948 a whole population was displaced. “‘Transfer of populations,’ let’s call it,” he suggested, “or ‘voluntary departures.’ It’s feasible; it can be done.”

Jared Taylor, editor of the racist American Renaissance magazine, described the three paradigms available to race realists today: 1) Guillaume Faye’s “archeofuturism,” in which the restoration of white hegemony can only come out of the ashes of collapse; 2) The “Danish model,” in which the leadership of at least some smaller countries begins to espouse anti-immigration policies; and 3) the Orania model, named after the Afrikaner-separatist town in South Africa. Taylor sees no evidence that economic collapse promotes white consciousness, and though he was heartened by David Duke’s ascendance some years ago, he doesn’t see a revival of positive race consciousness at the national level. What does give him hope is the success of Hasidic enclaves like New Square and Kiryas Joel in New York state. Perhaps white separatists can reclaim small towns of their own, by voting themselves into local government and turning them into places that are so white-friendly that minorities will leave. No laws would need to be broken. These towns wouldn’t be anti-minority — they’d be pro-white — but their culture would be such that liberals and minorities would find them intolerable. They’d have to sell their houses, but unlike the victims of white flight, who are compelled to sell at a loss, they’d sell at a premium, to people who want to live there. “And I guarantee you, Mark Potok is not going to want to buy a house in this community,” he joked. (Potok is director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project and editor of this blog.)

The last speaker of the day was the redoubtable Sam Dickson, who described his life’s journey from Goldwater activist to a true believer in the ethno-state. Movement conservatives, the Tea Party, all of them miss the point, he said. They talk about “taking America back.” They forget that white people haven’t had control of the government for 150 years. America’s constitution was poisoned at its inception by “the infection of the French Enlightenment”; the American system is our race’s greatest enemy. “Our government hates us, degrades us, and seeks to destroy us,” he said.

“We cannot save America. We need to let go and think of something new. America is the God that failed. It denies that the whole is more important than the parts; it denies what Aristotle said, that man is a social animal.”

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