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White Supremacist David Duke to be Booted from Yet Another Country

Ex-Klan leader David Duke is to be deported from Germany, where he was arrested last Friday while on his way to address a group of right-wing extremists.

In a statement obtained by the Huffington Post, German authorities say that the globetrotting white supremacist is “obliged to leave German territory without delay,” explaining that Duke is “not entitled to stay in Germany” because of a travel ban against him in an unspecified European country. This is most likely a reference to the Czech Republic, which expelled Duke in 2009 on suspicion of denying the Holocaust, a crime in that country.

Duke, who apparently spent the weekend in jail, on Monday sent a maudlin message begging his acolytes to lend a hand. “To fight this case will cost a lot of money, time and effort,” he wrote on his website. “While most of you will be getting ready for the warmth and love and friendship and family of Christmas, I will be far from home fighting the good fight.”

He closed with a plea: “Please remember me and this sacred struggle for our people at this beautiful time of year that is such an expression of our exquisite culture and values. … If you would use this link and send something right away because you are so much needed at this time.”

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