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Corsi: Obama’s Father May Have Been an American Communist

Orly Taitz is not happy. For the past several years, the California-based swimsuit model-turned-lawyer has poured her heart and soul into an endless series of lawsuits alleging that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen and is therefore ineligible for office. Now, she says, Jerome Corsi – the devoted birther and conspiracy-monger who authored last year’s ill-timed Where’s the Birth Certificate? – is ruining everything.


Actually, what Corsi is doing is a little lazier than that. Perhaps realizing that the “birther” fad is winding down despite the release, last November, of his e-book Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate, the relentless right-wing attack dog has tentatively embraced someone else’s alternative theory of Obama’s provenance. In a recent article for WorldNetDaily, Corsi suggested that a new documentary makes a “compelling case” that the president’s real father was not Kenyan-born Barack Obama Sr. at all.

Instead, the documentary argues, Obama was sired by the late Frank Marshall Davis, a Honolulu-based black labor activist.

“Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception,” is a direct-to-DVD project of Joel Gilbert, a filmmaker and writer whose work to date includes a raft of anti-Muslim tomes and tracts. According to its website, the film “weaves together the proven facts with reasoned logic and speculation in an attempt to fill-in the obvious gaps in Obama's history.”

“The ‘Birthers’ have been on a fool's errand,” Gilbert is quoted as saying. “To understand Obama's plans for America, the question is not ‘Where's the Birth Certificate?,’ the question is ‘Who is the real father?’”

The far right has long obsessed over the president’s relationship with Davis, who had ties to the Communist Party, was friends with Obama’s grandfather, and about whom the president wrote fondly in his memoir.

Driving the rampant speculation about the two men’s relationship has been gay-hating columnist Cliff Kincaid, who runs an antigovernment “Patriot” group call America’s Survival and is director of “investigative journalism” at the ironically named rightwing outfit Accuracy in Media (AIM).

Gilbert’s new film has Kincaid in a frenzy of excited speculation. “I have always called Davis the ‘mentor’ of Obama. I have also referred to him as Obama’s surrogate father and role model,” he wrote Saturday in an E-mail to members of America’s Survival. “But what if Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis was more than a mentor? What if he was Obama’s real father?

“I have seen the new shocking film, ‘Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception,' which makes the case that Davis was indeed Obama’s father. It is not a matter of DNA evidence. But director Joel Gilbert has assembled a lot of circumstantial evidence.”

Holy cow, circumstantial evidence? We here at Hatewatch are already half-convinced.

And if that weren’t enough to persuade us to whip out the credit card and order a copy for everyone in the office, Kincaid also offers a titillating warning: “[T]his story involves perversion and pornography. In assembling this evidence, Gilbert traces nude photos of Obama’s mother to Davis’s home. … The nudity is central to the story, since Joel Gilbert makes the case that Davis was sexually intimate with Obama’s mother, and that the relationship resulted in Obama’s birth. It was covered up for reasons explained in the film.”

Describing Davis as a “sex pervert who had sex with young girls,” Kincaid writes, “You can draw your own conclusions. But you owe it to yourself to see the evidence.”

Perversion, nudity and communism all in one film? Sounds great!

Sorry, Orly. We’re sold!

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