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Ann Coulter: Loss of White Majority ‘Destroyed’ California

That attack-dog author Ann Coulter is not too bright — and that she is perfectly happy to slime any and all people she doesn’t like — is well known.

What’s not such common knowledge is that she is a racist.

Of course, there were early hints. The starkest came in 2009, when her latest rabid tome, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, made an extended defense of a group called the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). The CCC, Coulter opined, was merely “a conservative group” that was being attacked by The New York Times and others because it included “members who had belonged to a segregationist group thirty years earlier.” She asserted that there was “no evidence” on the CCC’s website of any support for segregation or the like.

Well, Coulter apparently never read the page, which says that the group opposes all “effort to mix the races of mankind.” The CCC has written that black people are “a retrograde species of humanity,” and that non-white immigration is turning the U.S. population into a “slimy brown mass of glop.” It has lambasted black people as “genetically inferior,” complained about “Jewish power brokers,” called gay people “perverted sodomites,” and named the late Lester Maddox, the baseball bat-wielding, arch-segregationist former Georgia governor “Patriot of the Century.” All of this was well known at the time to pundits, politicians and the media.

But let’s give Ann a break. Maybe she really did think the CCC was merely about “a strong national defense, the right to keep and bear arms, the traditional family, and an ‘America First’ trade policy,” as she wrote then. Whatever.

Now comes the 2012 version of Ann Coulter, older but clearly not wiser. See, she’s been thinking about race, and her new book on the topic, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama, is out this Oct. 3. And yesterday, she blogged about some of those deep thoughts on race for the first time:

  • The 2000 loss of a white majority in California — something the Census Bureau says will happen nationwide by 2050 — “has already destroyed” the state.
  • Now the entire United States “is on its way to becoming a Third World, one-party state.” This change will do “incalculable damage to the nation and to individual citizens.”
  • The 1965 Immigration Act, which ended a racist system of national quotas, was “expressly designed” by “liberal demagogues” to “make [America] more like Nigeria.”
  • “Eighty-five percent of immigrants now come from ‘developing countries.’ (How are they ever going to develop if their people are all on the dole over here?)”
  • No one is “allowed to say, ‘We like the ethnic mix as it is.’”

Coulter goes into some of her well-known name-calling — California Gov. Jerry Brown is a “geriatric leftist” and that state’s junior senator Barbara Boxer is an “old prune” — but her main thrust, and apparently her main current interest, is race.

We can’t wait to see her further thoughts in October. We fully expect that she’s thought just as deeply about race as she has about the CCC — which is to say, practically not at all.

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