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Conspiracists Say Recent Shootings ‘False Flag’ Attacks by Government

Kurt Nimmo says that there is no problem with violent white supremacists in the military.

His boss, Alex Jones, says that there is no problem with gun violence in America – at least, no problem that’s not a result of government-sponsored “mind-control” experiments.

Jones and Nimmo, who are among the biggest spinners of conspiracy theories in the United States, are revered within the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, which is always eager to ascribe malevolent plots to the government. Their fantastical allegations appeared recently on Infowars and PrisonPlanet, Jones-run websites that warn obsessively of a supposed government conspiracy to surrender national sovereignty to the forces of a fascistic “New World Order.”

In an articles published Aug. 6 and 22, Nimmo alleged that the FBI creates fake white supremacist groups and installs their members in the armed forces, all as part of an elaborate plot to “demonize veterans.” He claimed that Wade Michael Page, the neo-Nazi Army veteran who murdered six people at a Wisconsin Sikh temple before killing himself earlier this month, was somehow connected to one of these government-sponsored false flag operations.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center characterized Page as a white supremacist who fronted a ‘hate rock band,’” Nimmo wrote. “The SPLC also connected the former soldier to the National Alliance. The leader of that group, former Green Beret David Kellerman, admitted he worked for the FBI.”

It’s true that Kellerman was once a member of the National Alliance. He’s also a former weapons sergeant in the U.S. Special Forces.

Those are pretty much the only facts in Nimmo’s screed. Kellerman was never the leader of the National Alliance, as five minutes on Google would make obvious to the thickest conspiracy theorist. The Alliance was started and long led by William Pierce. Since Pierce’s 2002 death, it has been led by Erich Gliebe.

Another thing the intrepid Nimmo conveniently forgot to include in his article is that in 2008, Kellermean pleaded guilty to stealing explosives, grenades, and other weapons from the U.S. government. He planned to use them in his private contracting business in Afghanistan.

In 2007, before evidence of his true motives had emerged, Kellerman claimed in court that he was an informant who had been tasked by the FBI with stealing the weapons as part of an effort to impress the National Alliance’s leadership. This false assertion was duly reported on numerous racist websites – including the one Nimmo linked to in order to support his article, the viciously racist and anti-Semitic Vanguard News Network (motto: “No Jews. Just Right”).

Nimmo’s article includes no mention of the eventual outcome of Kellerman’s trial. Instead, its uses Kellerman’s lie about being an FBI informant to suggest that Page’s deadly attack on the Wisconsin Sikh temple was, somehow, part of “a script produced in 2009 by the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] that characterizes military veterans as a domestic terror threat.”

Actually, it’s Nimmo’s article that’s part of a script of sorts – one hyped by right-wing propagandists who are driven to distraction by a leaked 2009 DHS report that warned presciently of a rising threat from domestic right-wing extremists. Recasting this report as an attack on white, gun-owning, God-fearing Americans is something of an obsession on the radical right – and Nimmo’s boss, Alex Jones, has led the charge.

Though he is best known as the chief propagandist behind “truther” theories claiming that the government was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Jones does not discriminate when it comes to endorsing antigovernment conspiracy theories. He thinks that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plans to intern “dissidents” in concentration camps and that the Mexican government is plotting to take over the Southwestern United States. Last August, he veered into white nationalist paranoia with the suggestion that DHS’ terrorism-awareness “If you see something, say something” campaign, was a part of a racist government conspiracy to portray whites as “the new Al Qaeda.”

Jones’ recent freak-out over supposed government plans to confiscate weapons was inspired by July’s failed negotiations over a proposed U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. The treaty would have regulated international weapons trade only. But antigovernment activists, taking their cues from the National Rifle Association, succeeded in scaring many Americans into thinking that the treaty was part of a plot to destroy the Second Amendment.

Predictably, Alex Jones was among them. Sputtering hysterically into the camera in a video uploaded to YouTube on July 20 – the day news broke of James Holmes’ murderous attack at an Aurora, Colo., premiere of the new Batman movie – Jones declared that “all the evidence points towards this being a staged event,” likely intended to advance the government’s campaign against Americans’ freedoms.

“We have that treaty in trouble, on a razor’s edge, and then magically this happens, and within hours, all the major media, the Democrats, they come out and say … ‘It’s time to restrict guns,’” he said. But “[t]he real telltale is that they were ready with the propaganda right on time for this, and associated with a big movie.”

Jones even knows how the government did it: Mind control.

“They have drugs, like scopolamine, that they’ve known about it for hundreds of years, known as the Devil’s Breath, you’ve heard of this, where they blow it on you. If they blow it on you it will make you for 24 hours – you have total control, you can drive a car and everything, you’re not inebriated, except that you have no free will. If they say stick your hand in a blender you do it. If they say hack your baby up with a hatchet, you do it. If they say jump off a cliff, you do it,” he said breathlessly. “So that’s what mind control is.”

According to Jones, other government mind-control operations include Sirhan Sirhan’s 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy, Theodore Kaczynski’s “Unabomber” package bombings, the massacre at Columbine High School, and the 2011 shooting in Tucson that left six dead and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords severely wounded.

Of Holmes’ July 20 attack, he said: “Folks, this is totally staged. This is totally staged. And even if he wasn’t mind controlled himself directly by government, which I believe the evidence is overwhelming and most people do as well, you can trust your gut on this, and history. These programs do exist and this has all the earmarks.”

And just in case it wasn’t drugs, Jones had an alternative theory. “The television itself and these messages and things [that] are programming people and it’s been proven to lead to violence,” he said.

“The point is, mind control is real,” Jones concluded. “This is perfect timing. We’d be idiots not to look at this as a staged self-inflicted wound false flag inside job.”

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