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Craig Cobb: Will Leave North Dakota if Charges Dropped

Craig Cobb, the mixed-race white supremacist jailed and charged earlier this month with terrorizing the tiny North Dakota town that he hoped to turn into a little Aryan settlement on the prairie, now wants to play “let’s make a deal” with government officials.

In exchange for dropping criminal charges that could send him to prison for up to 35 years, the Associated Press is reporting that Cobb said he is willing to sell his house in Leith, N.D. – his separatist dreamland – and leave the state forever.

“I’ll be glad to get out of the state,” Cobb, 62, told the AP Tuesday from the Mercer County Jail in Stanton. “And I’ll never come back to North Dakota.”

Cobb has been in the jail since being arrested and charged on Nov. 16 along with another aspiring Aryan warrior with four felony terrorizing counts after he confronted several town residents while brandishing a rifle. Cobb told the AP he has not eaten in six days as part of a journey of spiritual enlightenment that ends in death.

But if the charges are dismissed before he comes to the end of his spiritual journey – that is before he starves himself to death – Cobb told the AP he would drop his human rights complaint against the state’s attorney general, Wayne Stenehjem.

In the complaint, Cobb alleges Stenehjem discriminated against Cobb’s religion – racism – when the attorney general told a local radio station on Oct. 31 “that white supremacist Craig Cobb and his supporters are ‘not the kind of people’ wanted in North Dakota.”

As for the possible plea bargain with Cobb, local prosecutor Todd Schwarz told the AP that Cobb will be treated as any other defendant. “His offer raises more questions than provides answer,” the prosecutor said.

After the last few weeks Cobb has had, it’s certainly debatable how much he has to be thankful for on the day before Thanksgiving.

On the one hand, he remains in jail without bail, or bread, apparently. On the other hand, he recently discovered a truth about himself.

Earlier this month, it was disclosed that a DNA test that Cobb – the black-hating, neo-Nazi – had willingly submitted to on a national television show revealed that he is 14 percent sub-Saharan African, in other words black.

Four days later, Cobb was marching through the streets of Leith with a gun.

Since then, Cobb told the AP that if the charges against him are dropped, not only will he leave Leith and North Dakota, he will also leave the country.

Maybe he will go to sub-Sahara Africa and trace his roots. Self-awareness can be so spiritually enlightening

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