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Neo-Nazi Bill White Indicted for Internet Threats – Again!

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Legal problems for neo-Nazi Bill White keep piling up. Already in jail for one crime and awaiting sentencing for another, the 36-year-old racist was just indicted in Florida on six counts of using the Internet to make violent threats against investigators and a judge.

One of those threats, according to the indictment, was sent to this blog after Hatewatch on May 14, 2012, reported the arrest of members of the American Front, a militia-style white supremacist group.

White made the extortion threats, the indictments alleges, in an attempt to get charges dismissed against 14 American Front members.

The dates of the alleged offenses coincide with times when White, a former real estate developer, was living as a fugitive in Mexico. He fled to that country after being convicted of soliciting violence against the foreman of a jury that convicted Matthew Hale, leader of a neo-Nazi group then called the World Church of the Creator (now called the Creativity Movement).

Computer gear seized from White at the time of his arrest in Mexico appears to have been instrumental in helping federal investigators bring the newest case.

The neo-Nazi with a growing record of threatening people was indicted on Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Orlando on five counts of making threats in aid of extortion over the Internet and one count of the unlawful use of identification information in furtherance of those offenses.

White used the screen name “Charlie F------ Manson” to advocate “violence against, threaten, extort and attempt to extort state and federal officials and their families, including their spouses, children and grandchildren,” the indictment says.

The threats were directed at Lawson Lamar, the Florida Ninth Circuit state attorney, who initiated the prosecution against the American Front; investigator Kelly Boaz, an Orange County, Fla., deputy assigned to an FBI task force, and Florida Circuit Judge Walter G. Komanski, who presided over the case.

White is accused of making the threats in e-mails he sent to the officials and copied to media outlets and in comments sent to Hatewatch and a site operated by the Anti-Defamation League.

Count 1 of the indictment accuses White of sending a May 19, 2012, e-mail that “contained a threat to kidnap and injure” the three named officials and “specifically to kidnap, torture, rape and kill those persons and their spouses, children and grandchildren.”

The following day, the indictment alleges, he sent another e-mail threat, again using an address making use of serial killer Charles Manson’s “helter-skelter” phrase. That e-mail contained a threat to kidnap the officials or their family members if charges weren’t dropped against the American Front defendants.

Count 3 alleges that on May 20, 2012, White e-mailed a similar threat to the prosecutor’s “adult son,” who isn’t publicly identified. That same day, the indictment says, White used the screen name “Charlie F------ Manson” and the same “helter skelter” Hotmail account to post a comment under the Hatewatch blog post about the American Front.

He made a similar threat on an ADL website, it is alleged in Count 5.

The sixth count alleges that when White made the threats, he possessed the names and address of the various  personnel who were his named targets.

If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison for each count contained in the new indictment.

On Nov. 1, a jury in Roanoke, Va., found White guilty of four federal crimes – three counts of making a threat with the intent to extort and a fourth of sending a threatening e-mail. Those convictions were related to threats White made via e-mail to his ex-wife in May and June 2012 after she stopped mailing him $400 a month while he was a federal fugitive living in Mexico.


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