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Nightline Profiles Young White Nationalist Activist Matthew Heimbach

On Thursday, ABC’s Nightline ran a revealing profile of Matthew Heimbach, founder of the White Student Union at Towson University in Maryland and a rising star on the white nationalist scene. Nightline tagged along with Heimbach as he tried to recruit college students to his cause and sought allies in unexpected quarters.

Heimbach is positioning himself to be the next David Duke – with Duke’s blessing. When asked by Nightline if he sees a young version of himself in Heimbach, Duke responded immodestly: “If you combine honesty, sincerity with intelligence, I think he has the potential to be quite an effective leader for these ideas.”

Hatewatch has documented Heimbach’s radicalization and embrace of Klansmen and neo-Nazis. It’s no surprise then that he told Nightline that the races must divide up the United States into racially pure enclaves. In his vision, there would be trade among the enclaves and visas would be required for cross-border visits.

Heimbach told Nightline’s Byron Pitts that racial separation could happen without violence, but he is prepared for whatever comes. “God willing it won’t, but some things are worth fighting for,” he said.

While Heimbach’s recruitment efforts appeared to yield few results, he did find an ally of sorts. Speaking with Reverend Mmoja Ajabu, a radical black nationalist, Heimbach suggested they could hang “a couple bankers” to strike a blow against their common foe. “I think we’re finding common ground,” responded Ajabu.

Heimbach later told Pitts that he’d rather work with black nationalists than white traitors. He “sees only one place for them.” “And that is?” inquired Pitts. “In a ditch.”

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