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Anti-Semitic Theorist, Cal State Psychology Professor Kevin MacDonald Now Retired

It seems the long nightmare for California State University, Long Beach, has finally come to an end. Kevin MacDonald, author of a three-volume opus on why people should hate Jews and a longtime psychology professor at the university, has retired.

MacDonald’s beliefs have been denounced repeatedly by his academic colleagues, several CSU-LB departments and the university administration. Even so, his books, his political activities with the racist American Freedom Party and his associations with prominent extremists such as former Klansman David Duke have long sullied the campus’ reputation and MacDonald’s department. With the protection provided by academic tenure, MacDonald soldiered on as a greatly despised member of the faculty after his hateful views were exposed by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2007.

But now, Long Beach is finally free of this stain. According to a post on the neo-Nazi website, MacDonald retired in January after teaching for 30 years. Appropriately, the blog post is a set of congratulatory remarks for MacDonald made by Holocaust denier Mark Weber at a Jan. 25 gathering. Weber laments that MacDonald “has been smeared and vilified by influential Jewish-Zionist organizations” and their “non-Jewish lackeys.” Weber adds, “Happily for us and for humanity, MacDonald has not let that slow him down.”

What humanity, and especially the students at Cal State Long Beach, really have to celebrate today is that MacDonald will no longer have an academic veneer to obscure what is nothing but a body of vile, anti-Semitic work and a sordid side career advancing the cause of white supremacy.


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