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Jeff Rense: In His Own Words

Jeff Rense, owner of the Rense Radio Network, hosts radio programs by well known racists and anti-Semites, including former Klansmen Don Black and David Duke. But Rense is not just the CEO of a hate radio empire, but a fellow ideological traveler and a self-professed friend of many extremists. He frequently hosts anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers on his own radio show, often endorsing their opinions.

Interview on April 9, 2015, with former Klansman and raging anti-Semite David Duke, who has his own radio show on the Rense News Network:

Jeff Rense regarding his relationship to David Duke: “I wanna bring on at this hour a very good friend of mine for a long time. Without question all of you know his name. Many of you fortunately know of his brave and valiant work. He is one of the great patriots in the history of this country. For all peoples, ALL peoples.”

Jeff Rense praising Duke’s anti-Semitic propaganda: “[Your videos] are without question the most brilliantly conceived and executed videos I have ever some across exposing the truth of Zionism as racism and the tribal effort to continue to subjugate and crush the western world and if you talk about ISIS, don’t forget, Zionism is right in the midst of the construct called ISISm or ISIS and they are trying to eradicate all remnants, all forms, all remnants of Christianity from Iraq, just for starters.”

Duke on Israeli support of ISIS: “Israel has supported the ISIS movement, has supported even al Qaeda and I don’t know of any better and more powerful truth that Americans no longer control America but these Jewish extremists, these Zionists control America…”

Interview on May 13, 2010, with Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, the first radio interview Zundel gave after his release on March 1, 2010 from a German prison where he served nearly three years for contravening Germany’s hate speech laws against inciting racial hatred.

Jeff Rense described Zundel as his “his friend” and “the world’s most famous political prisoner.” He also said Zundel is “a true visionary and an amazing journalist” and that Zundel sent him letters as well as watercolor paintings from prison.

Rense stated, “The letters that you sent me are very much treasured and the littler watercolors as well, and I want to thank you for that.”

On the show, Zundel proclaimed, “I knew that I was innocent.”

Rense agreed: “You were innocent, you are innocent, you always will be innocent. This was beyond an outrage.”

Interview on Jan. 16, 2015, with Harry Cooper, owner of Sharkhunters International, a travel outfit that takes neo-Nazis and others on celebratory trips to visit Nazi sites, and David Dees, an anti-Semitic illustrator whose “art” is frequently featured on Dees most recent notable piece was a graphic paean to Hitler on that wished the genocidal leader of the Nazi party a “Happy Birthday” on April 20, 2015. Cooper is a regular guest on Rense the third Friday of every month and Rense serves on the Sharkhunters board according to Cooper.

Rense minimizing the Holocaust: “It’s a very, very sad story of massive brainwashing that has gone on for 60 years plus, and it’s not going to change. They’re teaching Holocaust history now in primary schools around the United States and in Europe and it’s only going to continue to get worse. No one defends the Holocaust, whatever it really was. No one defends picking up hundreds of thousands of people, maybe a couple of million, putting them in work camps, otherwise displacing them, taking their possessions, that’s not okay. That doesn’t work for me, but to lie about something and then capitalize on it and make trillions of dollars on it ultimately, doesn’t work for me either. Now somewhere in between there is the truth and it’s up to you to try and figure that out.”

Dees denying the Holocaust: “Also during the war, you know, they, the Americans and the Brits also flew over looking for any…also they bombed Germany back into the Stone Age. They dropped 75-100 percent more bombs on Germany than Germany was able to drop on England. But they also flew over Germany and took these incredible photographs, detailed photographs looking for targets and they were well aware of the concentration camps and all these photographs, there’s not a single one that has anything to do with mass graves. There were no mass graves, there was nothing that would give you evidence that any bodies were being burned, there was no people lined up and they had all these photographs and they never talk about the fact that there’s not one single photograph or any evidence of a Holocaust of a gas chamber that was being used to destroy people.”

Rense minimizing the Holocaust: “Yes, there were dead bodies in the camps, I must say David, but they died of typhus and starvation. Many of the other bodies shown as ‘allegedly Jews’ are actually Germans immolated in Dresden for example, piles and piles of bodies its just…you gotta hand it to them, they’re very cleaver.”

Interview on April 15, 2013, with anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Texe Marrs, who is a guest on Rense’s show the third Monday of each month.

Marrs on Jewish people: “The Jews cannot administer a country, they don’t know how to run a country, all they are, well they’re just plain, well, you know, they’re parasites. They can get into a country and take over its financial system, and use the propaganda organs of a country, but they really don’t know how to administer for the good of the people. They cannot even administer the economy in the nation of Israel today.”

Rense agrees: “It’s greed. And lust for self, that’s what it is.”

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