Echoing Christian Identity, LOS Leader Prays For Special Place in Hell for Anti-Whites

Michael Hill’s fall from the ivory tower knows no depth. In a message on Friday to members of a private League of the South Facebook, the former Stillman College professor offered an odd sort of prayer.

“May Yahweh bring a dire earthly punishment on all those anti-White Whites who assist in any manner in the destruction of their own people and civilization. Such is treason to the created order,” Hill wrote in a private Facebook message that was leaked to Hatewatch. “Also, may Yahweh hold open a special place in hell for them.”

While the tone and tenor of the post may not be that surprising, given the steady fall of the League into more radical racist and antigovernment positions, it does shed some light on what may be the ideological underpinnings of what the League has become over the last several years.

A message from Michael Hill. (Source: Facebook.)

Last year, Hatewatch reported the existence of a private paramilitary organization being formed within the League, as well as a shakeup of its leadership structure. We also learned that Hill had promoted Michael Tubbs, a former Green Beret and demolitions expert, to his chief of staff.

Michael Hill and Michael Tubbs

Tubbs isn’t just a proud southern nationalist, though. A former Klansman and Christian identity adherent, Tubbs is widely respected across the racist right. What’s more, his Identity ideas about the place of whites in the divine order of the universe seem to have rubbed off on the old man.

It wasn’t long after Tubbs was promoted that a different man emerged, at least in his online postings. Gone was the measured and mild college professor with certain ideas about Southern heritage and southern independence – a man who sometimes wore Confederate army uniforms to class. In his place stood an angry old man whose online postings echoed his staff and whose racist aggression flowed freely.

Just last month, writing about the riots in Baltimore, Hill chastised his fellow conservatives for tracing the source of the riots to politics and police brutality, poverty and privilege. Instead, Hill argued, the tragedy came down to one thing: “negro rule.”

“Negro rule is disastrous to civilization and dangerous to White lives and property,” Hill wrote on the League's website on April 28. “That is why our White European civilization has been in the cross hairs of the Jew/Liberal gentile coalition. We have refused to believe their fairy tale about Negro equality.”

Such a sentiment is quite a departure from the rhetoric of the past.

And while Hill has embraced all manner of radical ideas, from prepping for war with the federal government to claiming slavery was divinely inspired, it’s something astonishingly different to see him pull back the genteel veil of southern manners and reveal what has always been at the heart of the League and increasingly at the front of hi own mind.

Hate … unfettered and unprovoked.